Heated Covid debate breaks out as Bev Turner blasts UK response: ‘They didn’t care about us!’

Heated Covid debate breaks out as Bev Turner blasts UK response: ‘They didn’t care about us!’

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GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/03/2024

- 14:16

Updated: 16/03/2024

- 16:47

The GB News host claimed politicians such as Matt Hancock were using the pandemic for 'political gain'

Political commentator Nigel Nelson clashed with GB News host Bev Turner in a heated debate about the Government's response to coronavirus.

Nigel blasted Bev's take on the pandemic measures as "conspiracy", after Bev claimed certain politicians playing a role in the fallout of the outbreak were "using the opportunity to capitalise" on Britons.

In a discussion on GB News, Bev claimed that the measures undertaken by Boris Johnson's Government "should have been no different to flu", as coronavirus is "also a respiratory virus".

Bev also criticised the Government for "never explaining" why they decided to "rip up the pandemic plan that was several decades in the making".

\u200bNigel Nelson and Bev Turner

Nigel Nelson and Bev Turner clash on coronavirus

GB News

Admitting she was "okay" with the Government's initial decision to lockdown in March 2020 as the Prime Minister "needed a couple of weeks to work out what we were dealing with" she argued that it then became an "opportunity for people in power to capitalise upon".

Responding to Bev's claim, GB News' chief political commentator Nigel Nelson shut it down and said her view was "starting to come on to a conspiracy".

Nigel challenged both Neil Oliver and Bev Turner to explain their view, asking: "Do you think it was a conspiracy on behalf of the deep state or Government, or do you think it was just some absolutely awful, awful mistake? It's got to be one or the other."

Neil responded: "For me, the fact that even as they were telling us what they told us about the necessity to save the NHS, flatten the curve, don't kill granny, wine time prevailed in Downing Street throughout, so that there was a cohort of people who presumably had access to data that was telling them there was nothing to fear, that even as they looked on at all that happened, people are not able to attend funerals, not able to visit loved ones and all of the things that were inflicted upon children, wine time Friday, a maskless free for all, at the where the decisions were being made, prevailed."

Bev Turner

Bev Turner claimed Matt Hancock was 'politically gaining' from the coronavirus pandemic

GB News

Neil added: "I would suggest that it was all just the exploitation of an opportunity that there were two ready to grasp, to take control of lives."

Bev agreed, sharing her view of the Government's role in the pandemic: "I think we've seen it in the Isabel Oakeshott WhatsApps. I had that suspicion."

Bev explained: "We've now seen the exchanges in which Matt Hancock was told by a friend this would be a good opportunity for you politically. And so I was like, well, there you go. Bingo.

"And this is where the likes of us going 'it's a conspiracy theory' it's not that. It's just that there were individuals who were benefiting. There were individuals for whom this was working out incredibly well, and they just didn't care about the rest of us."

Neil extended another thought on the back of Bev's view, claiming the politicians "went about their lives behind the door of number ten, but they were telling us to do something different".

Nigel responded claiming: "The parties that went on in Number 10 were absolutely irresponsible. I don't believe they would have taken place had Theresa May still been Prime Minister and not Boris Johnson."

Nigel Nelson and Neil Oliver

Nigel Nelson told Neil Oliver that Government were 'taking control of our lives'

GB News

Nigel continued: "I don't think that they had any access to data that we didn't know about to say that everything would be fine. When it comes down to Bev's point about Matt Hancock, of course it's a political opportunity for him. He's the Health Secretary.

"He's faced with a massive pandemic, the likes of which none of us had seen in our lifetimes, and that is a great opportunity for a Health Secretary. So I'm not surprised that there's a bit of political opportunism there.

"But neither of those those two things to me, add up to some kind of conspiracy. The people were doing something to try and control us rather than trying to stop something killing us."

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