Sacking of Suella and bringing in Remainer-in-Chief Cameron puts Tories on doomsday path

Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman was today sacked by Rishi Sunak

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 13/11/2023

- 17:51

Rishi Sunak's decision to ditch Braverman and welcome in Remainer-in-Chief David Cameron puts the Conservatives on a doomsday path, writes GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver.

Well they certainly aren't listening. Not to Brexit voters, anyway.

Today's bombshell decision to ditch Suella Braverman as Home Secretary illustrates just how far the Conservatives have drifted since their 2019 election victory.

Having secured a huge victory under Boris Johnson who was subsequently ditched without voters being consulted, the Tories seem to have gone into Remain overdrive.

The Tory party has now drifted so far away from what voters were promised that it is virtually unrecognisable.

Instead of taking back control and bringing net migration down, the Conservative Government ramped up levels to new record-highs.

Rather than stopping the boats and exiting the ECHR, illegal immigration has spiralled ever-more out of control for years.

Of course Suella Braverman was in the bizarre position of having advocated exiting ECHR - but finding herself as Home Secretary - she quickly became the rebel within.

Outside of the Westminster bubble, Braverman's Conservative leadership campaign pledged a set of policies that research found had more support from Tory voters than any other candidate's prospectus.

As Home Secretary she was far more in touch with the country - and especially Conservative voters - than others sat around the Cabinet table.

Her robust (and accurate) description of London 'hate marchers' cannot be dismissed given the appalling scenes we've seen in our capital city, including this past weekend.

Suella was right. But rather than the Prime Minister backing up the Home Secretary and implementing the popular Braverman agenda, those around Sunak seemed intent on distancing the Government from her interventions.

And today's crazy move - to actually sack the Home Secretary - shows a Government that isn't listening to the views of those who handed the Tories their General Election landslide: patriotic Leave-voting Brits.

I suspect we will be hearing much more from Braverman, possibly including a campaign to finally leave the ECHR.

Her immediate response today?

“It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Home Secretary. I will have more to say in due course.”

Tory Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns today summed up what many disappointed voters will now be thinking: "I support Suella Braverman. Sacked for speaking the truth. Bad call by Rishi caving in to the left!"

So instead of Boris Johnson (or Liz Truss) and Suella Braverman, those who backed the Tories last time round have now got Rishi Sunak in Downing Street flanked by Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor and David Cameron as Foreign Secretary.

Cameron of course campaigned vigorously against Brexit and for EU membership with an absurd Project Fear strategy alongside his chief ally George Osborne.

The legacy of obscene Remain lies can still be found far and wide, including on the Government's own website.

A May 2016 article - from just before the referendum - on reads: "Britain’s economy would be tipped into a year-long recession, with at least 500,000 jobs lost and GDP around 3.6% lower, following a vote to leave the EU, new Treasury analysis launched today by the Prime Minister and Chancellor shows."

So does the Conservative Government seriously expect Brexiteers who backed the Tories in 2019 to now support a Sunak-Cameron-Hunt fronted Government?

In fact I suspect this is the real decision at play: that following a total failure to control Britain's borders, Sunak's allies are now going to prioritise trying to win over Tory voters tempted by the Liberal Democrats.

This is a high-risk strategy that I suspect will go catastrophically wrong for the Tories.

Recent research confirmed that with Richard Tice's Reform UK on 8% or 9% in the national polls, they are already winning over more Conservative switchers than Labour or the LibDems.

The treatment of Braverman is now likely to boost Reform further given how utterly furious many Conservatives are today.

Indeed some are now publicly for a leadership challenge. The Conservative Democratic Organisation's Chairman David Campbell Bannerman is now one of those urging Tory MPs to put in letters of no confidence: "Suella has been sacked! Letters in please. Now’s the time."

Whilst the Bruges Group gave an equally scathing assessment: "The gutless Prime Minister has sacked the only member of his Cabinet willing to speak the truth about what’s happening on British streets.

"It is a clear signal that this government has surrendered to the mob. Voters will remember this at the ballot box."

They certainly will. The one hope the Tories had left for the next election was to reconnect with the base that put their faith in them last time round.

Rather than backing Braverman, Rishi Sunak has chosen for his Government - and this country - to be partially fronted by the Remainer-in-Chief David Cameron.

The political realignment that saw the Tories win seats they had never previously held will now be reversed, with the prospects for many Conservative MPs in Red Wall areas now virtually wiped out.

All summed up by this bizarre decision to move away from the popular conservative values and principles advocated by the likes of Suella Braverman - no longer welcome in this Conservative Government.

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