Protesting about a migrant hotel in your town or village does not make you far-right, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys hits out at criticism for migrant hotel protesters

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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 06/03/2023

- 21:27

Updated: 11/03/2023

- 12:33

There is nothing extreme right-wing about caring about workers’ rights...

Protesting about a migrant hotel in your town or village does not make you far-right.

There is nothing extreme right-wing about caring about workers’ rights. One of the most under-reported scandals of this whole migrant hotel fiasco is how many workers have lost their jobs in order to accommodate these people.

These hotels have ordinary staff, they have restaurants, they have leisure clubs. The people who work there, no doubt to support their own families, get called in to a meeting and told they’re losing their jobs with just a few days’ notice.

You know what else isn’t far right? Worrying about being able to see your GP. I mean, good grief, if worrying about being able to get a doctor's appointment makes you far right then we’re all far right, aren’t we?!

In Kegworth, there were a couple of GP surgeries, Lee told me one burnt down, which means there’s only one now.

So, if several hundred people arrive overnight then it is reasonable to be concerned that that might have an impact on your local healthcare.

Migrants in lifejackets with border force control in DoverThe Government have brought in new legislation to tackle the rise in channel migrantsPA

You know what else isn’t far-right? Being a bit angry when someone doesn’t tell you the truth or you feel like you’ve been misled.

Like when hundreds of people are suddenly plonked in your local area without warning, and then you’re told they’re all genuine asylum seekers from Afghanistan, which I think a lot of people are very sympathetic towards because Afghanistan is genuinely under Taliban control, only for you to then find out that there are also people from places like Egypt and a whole load of other possibly safe countries.

Again, that’s fair enough, isn’t it? It’s not far right?

You know what else isn’t far right? Caring about basic public safety. It’s not far right to be concerned that adding hundreds of young single men of mysterious backgrounds to a town with a population of just a few thousand might present some risks.

It also isn’t far-right to just come out and say: ‘I like the town that I live in just the way it is…that’s why I live here. And I think I would like living here less if several hundred asylum seekers moved in overnight.’

That’s not racist, that’s reasonable for all of the reasons I’ve outlined above.

It was easy to hide the extent of the migrant hotel crisis when they were putting them all in inner-city hotels. Those areas are densely populated, multi-cultural, etc.

It just blends in. But because of the sheer scale of this problem, they're now putting these people in rural areas and more and more people are having to ask themselves whether or not they want to have this in their lives.

And more people are saying no, again, for the completely reasonable points like public safety, local economy and burden on public services.

But to keep these people quiet, the refugees welcome brigade call totally ordinary, hard working people far right, when they’re nothing of the sort. That pro-Channel migrant lobby are not pro-asylum seeker, they are simply silence seekers. They want to keep you quiet in case you expose the true realities of what mass illegal immigration looks like.

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