Patrick Christys: Government moving goalposts on vaccination

Patrick Christys: Government moving goalposts on vaccination
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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 07/11/2021

- 21:29

Updated: 08/11/2021

- 00:45

'Christmas is not the preserve of government – and it never will be.'

Here we go again – the government is changing the definition of what it means to be fully vaccinated. I believe we can go live now to the government’s vaccine planning committee...

That’s right, they’re massively moving the goalposts. They’re planning to update the number of Covid vaccines you’ll have to take if you want to travel abroad or, frankly, avoid another lockdown and the cancellation of Christmas.

Well, forgive me, but I very much doubt that the Good Lord sent his only Son down to earth to die for our sins so that a politician can tell us whether or not the celebration of his birth can go ahead.

Christmas is not the preserve of government – and it never will be.

And, for the travellers amongst us. Apparently now, those who refuse to take the third booster jab will be forced to undergo quarantine and testing, at their own expense if indeed they’re allowed to travel at all.

Under the plans, even evidence of a negative test before flying won’t be enough to get you on the plane without a third jab.

So no jab, no tan.

Last night a Government source said: 'This is not going to happen immediately – but happen it will.'

Basically, this confirms what I think we all already knew – that we’re going to be locked in a never-ending cycle of Covid vaccinations from now until probably forever.

And they said that as long as the scientific and medical community say this is the right thing to do, then they’ll do it – what, you mean like this member of the scientific community, NHS GP Dr Sara Kayat, who had this to say on This Morning back in January.

Well that’s aged about as well as King Henry the 8th’s big toe.

Now, I’m not here to have an anti-vaccine rant, far from it. I’m glad they exist and it’s none of my business whether or not you’ve had one, two or three – I’m not here to talk about side effects or conspiracy theories…I’m here, simply, to raise questions about what’s going on.

We went from 12 weeks to flatten the curve to a vaccine every six months.

Matt Hancock said that once we’d vaccinated the vulnerable, we’d have our freedoms back.

But actually now, we may all need a booster jab every six months.

I think most of us could tolerate this if there was huge evidence that getting the vaccine actually stopped you from transmitting the virus, but just last week data was published showing that individuals who have had two vaccine doses can be just as infectious as those who have not been jabbed.

Although, of course, it does for the most part reduce the effect of the virus.

And now it emerges that Pfizer is lobbying to try to vaccinate 12-15-year-olds.

This is all for a virus that kills a fraction of a percent of the people who get it, and, by and large, bounces off children.

And, in America, the latest figures show that more children died of flu than Covid.

We hear a lot about sleaze at the moment don’t we – apparently if you’ve got £3m to donate to the Tories then you can become a Lord, there were Covid contracts worth billions essentially drawn up on the back of a fag packet and handed to mates of ministers.

There is a niggling voice at the back of my head that’s getting louder and louder – is our government under the thumb, or well within the grip of, Big Pharma…

A report published in the Guardian unveiled research showing that drug companies are giving groups of MPs and peers that campaign on health issues hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in “hidden” funding that could hand them “undue influence”.

And then there are vast swathes of the media telling us that cases are rising, cases are spiking, cases are surging. Well, actually, they’re falling. In fact, yesterday’s figures show the number of daily positive tests fell to 30,693, down almost 11 per cent on the previous Saturday.

It’s all a bit strange if you ask me. It just feels like there’s something a little bit fishy going on.

And now Sajid Javid is threatening another lockdown, threatening to cancel Christmas. Saying, hey, if you don’t get your booster jab then we might cancel Christmas.

Christmas is not the preserve of government. Our rights and our freedoms are not flimsy things that can simply be taken away at the stroke of a pen by a politician. They are hard earned, they are fought for, and indeed a lot of English blood was spilled in the pursuit of these rights and freedoms, especially in the fields of Europe.

Covid apparently is an incredibly clever thing – it can avoid a maskless BBQ at the G7, it won’t end up killings loads of people at a climate rally in Glasgow, or at a civil rights march in London. But, goodness me, if you start carving a Turkey it comes straight into your lungs and eats you alive.

This government has caused the largest mental health crisis this country has ever known with draconian lockdown laws and now, our health secretary thinks it’s ok to instil such fear into the population again that elderly people sitting there in their freezing cold homes, looking forward to maybe the one day a year when all their family can get together, that they will now be worrying about whether or not that’s even going to happen.

Did we sign up for this? Did we sign up for our freedoms being contingent on how many vaccines we have? Did we sign up to be threatened like this by our government? I don’t remember signing that social contract.

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