There is an alleged cover-up culture in the NHS… and heads should roll, says Patrick Christys

There is an alleged cover-up culture in the NHS… and heads should roll, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys is concerned about an NHS 'cover-up culture'

Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 18/03/2024

- 22:27

There is an alleged cover-up culture in the NHS

Has the NHS killed your relative and then lied to you about it?

There is an alleged cover-up culture in the NHS - they lie to you about why your loved one died, about poor care, they bury documents with evidence in them and they try to silence staff who speak out - this is according to the NHS ombudsman.

There are around 11,000 avoidable deaths every year. 11,000.

Someone’s mum dies, their children know something dodgy happened, and then they are met with a rotten culture, including the altering of care plans, the disappearance of crucial documents and complete denials.

They lie to you. They appear to have been getting away with industrial-scale negligence by covering it up, or banking on distraught relatives being too weak to take legal action.

But they really get away with it because the NHS is like a religion, and people dare not criticise it. You’d be accused of NHS-o-phobia!

One trust referred 26 medics to the General Medical Council for alleged misconduct for trying to speak out. No wrongdoing was found.

The Lucy Letby case…whistleblowers had to write her a letter of apology. They want to silence staff with fear of losing their jobs.

The chances are somebody you know has fallen victim to this. The NHS gets sued once every 40 minutes.

In 2022/23, the NHS received 13,551 clinical claims. 99 per cent of claims against NHS were successful in reaching some form of settlement, 51% of the claims resulted in the payment of damages.

NHS signNHS is currently under pressurePA

The NHS paid out £2.6 billion in clinical negligence compensation for the period 2022/23.

In 2021/22 the NHS paid out £2.4 billion.

These are just the people who bother to bring claims… can you imagine how big the problem really is?

When you include NHS legal costs it takes it to around £6.6 billion, which is about 3.5 per cent of the annual budget.

That annual budget is around £180bn, and we now have about 2 million people working for the NHS.

They cannot keep blaming everything on being under-funded and under-staffed. If they are covering up medical negligence it means the problem doesn’t get dealt with and it keeps happening. And that is the fault of NHS managers, the people who run it.

They’ve got the money for the 837 non-clinical staff working at English hospitals in 2022 to 2023 on the highest paid Band 9 contracts, which is between 99k and 115k.

These included a hospital chief executive in London earning 226 thousand six hundred pounds a year, and one in Bradford on £175,000.

A director of people and transformation in Bristol was being paid £153 and a half thousand pounds a year.

They’ve got the money for the £41m salary costs for people in diversity-related jobs…How many nurses would that pay for? How many junior doctors?

They haven’t got time to check whether or not some people working in the NHS are actually qualified - there is an industrial-scale qualifications fraud scandal.

Around 700 nurses are still working despite possibly not being qualified.

But they’ve got the time on their hands to think about making the NHS the world’s first carbon neutral health service - they’ve got time to consider whether women in labour should be picked up by an electric ambulance that might have to be recharged en route to the hospital, and it’s important that she’s given the environmentally friendly pain relief.

Ironically, one of the biggest cover-up areas in the NHS is maternity care!

There are NHS managers with a budget of £180bn, two million members of staff and they’re crying about being understaffed and under-resourced.

If they spent more time looking after patients instead of finding ways to cover up avoidable deaths, then maybe we’d have a better health service. Heads should roll.

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