Ngozi Fulani is a complete and utter HYPOCRITE, says Nana Akua

Ngozi Fulani at a reception at Buckingham Palace
Ngozi Fulani at a reception at Buckingham Palace
Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 03/12/2022

- 21:04

Updated: 05/12/2022

- 14:08

Forget where do you come from, more like what planet?

God where do I start?

This woman Ngozi Fulani, which isn’t her real name by the way, it’s actually Marlene Headly, went to a palace event dressed like this.

Forget where do you come from in Africa, more like what planet?

What’s going on with her hair? I mean seriously. I’ve got some bad wigs that I wear on purpose by the way to get a reaction but that’s another level.

Ngozi Fulani

Apparently, Lady Hussey, our dearly departed Queen's lady in waiting for some 60 years, moved Ngozi’s hair out of the way. Brave move.

She could see her name badge which was clearly not a traditional British name which is what I suspect alongside the outfit, sparked her intrigue and this totally unverified exchange. We don’t even know whether it’s true... but let’s go with it.

Lady SH: “Where are you from?”

Ms Fulani: “Sistah Space.”

SH: “No where do you come from?

Ms Fulani: “We’re based in Hackney.”

SH: “No, what part of Africa are YOU from?”

Ok so there's the clue she's being evasive.

Ms Fulani: “I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records.”

Ok so that's rude.

SH: “Well, you must know where you’re from, I spent time in France. Where are you from?”

Lady Hussy is trying to help her out!

Ms Fulani: “Here, UK”

SH: “No, but what Nationality are you?”

So at this point Ngozi hasn't actually said whether she is British or not.

Somehow Marlene has the transcript of the conversation. Did she record it?

Now she’s everywhere and claiming racism.

She said the exchange left her feeling traumatised. What? She runs a domestic abuse charity. Come on!

What I find more traumatising is the way she made a meal out of answering a pretty standard question posed by an 83 year old woman about her heritage.

Asking someone where they’re from is possibly the most common global icebreaker question.

This is the same woman who accused Camilla and Charles of domestic violence towards Meghan in a tweet which is a shocking unproven claim a bit like Meghan’s claim about racism towards her unborn child.

In March 2021 Ngozi sent out this tweet: “Our charity supports black women DV survivors. I can't stay silent about this. I admire Meghan for speaking out. According to clear definition, it seems Meghan is a survivor of DV from her in-laws. PS, I'm glad hypocrite Piers left ITV.”

This is someone who already has an agenda which has somehow been ignored. Listen to them on the established media.

I’d be asking who invited you, how did you memorise this conversation, what about the tweet and your association with BLM. It was like Oprah all over again.

Where is your due diligence on this woman for goodness sake? Are you blinded by the race card you can’t ask any questions?

Call yourselves journalists!

Chris Radburn

Look, Ngozi, if you’re going to go out like that dressed in traditional attire and can't answer simple questions like where are you from and instead chose to go around the houses, then don’t be surprised if the conversation drags - just answer the flaming question.

A question She’s clearly comfortable answering because on her biog she gives the game away in the first few lines. AND she’s more than happy to ask it to those who come to her charity because you have to be of African or Caribbean heritage before she'll help

In the Telegraph Ngozi says: "If you invite people to an event against domestic abuse and there are people from different demographics I don’t see the relevance of whether I’m British or not British’"

That’s a good point actually, Ngozi, why should it matter. But your charity seems to think it does, it will only help African and Caribbean people, that to me is racist in itself.

This is what it says on her charity’s Facebook page: "Sistah Space is a safe venue dedicated to African and Caribbean victims/survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and is staffed and managed by volunteers."

Can you imagine if the charity said only white people, I bet she’d be the first to complain.

Let me see… I go to the charity, they ask where I’m from, I say Newcastle, they ask me again I say from GB News, then they ask me, no what part of Africa, I say they didn’t keep a record. I’m guessing she’ll tell me to clear off.

I wonder how many traumatised women she’s turned away who don’t meet her criteria.

Frankly I’m embarrassed about this woman. She is affiliated with the BLM a bunch of fraudsters who played on ‘white guilt’ to extort money from the generous trusting nature of most people the majority of whom are not racist and in my view Manipulating a conversation to suit her own ends at the expense of an old woman

Ngozi Fulani is a complete and utter hypocrite.

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