Michelle Dewberry: Why is Brexit being blamed for everything like a younger sibling?

Michelle Dewberry: Why is Brexit being blamed for everything like a younger sibling?
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Michelle Dewberry

By Michelle Dewberry

Published: 24/09/2021

- 18:26

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:28

'It's the first thing that people blame for pretty much anything that goes wrong.'

Anyone who had a sibling growing up knows they were handy - mainly because you got to blame them for things they hadn't actually done.

These days, it seems Brexit is the younger sibling.

The first that people blame for pretty much anything that goes wrong in this country.

In fact, some are sitting on the sidelines right now practically salivating at the problems, whipping themselves into a demented frenzy about the fact they believe that Brexit has truly broken Britain and so the insults towards Brexiteers reignite.

Whether it's the lack of HGV drivers, the non-existent fuel shortages or hikes in energy prices. Nothing seems immune from 'blame Brexit'.

That would be fine, if it were true, but in reality - it just isn't.

The problems in this country have been caused by a perfect storm of issues, coming together to create a Tsunami.

Take the HGV situation as an example; A lack of people being attracted to the industry, Covid delayed tests, DVLA strikes, iR35 tax changes & increase demand because we are all online shopping more.

Yes, some European drivers may have headed home, but when you look at the fact that many places in Europe have a shortage of HGV drivers too, you realise we are not alone.

The energy crisis - again has been caused by a cocktail of chaos; Russian price manipulation, a fire at a key supply point, Covid delayed maintenance and a massive increase in demand have all come together to contribute to the price rises we are seeing.

And the so called fuel shortage, which has largely only arisen because the media has whipped people up into a frenzy with headlines.

It is sensationalist, irresponsible & wrong causing ridiculous panic buying.

Add that to the fact that the moronic behaviour of Insulate Britain has seen many skilled drivers seeing their 'allowed hours' tick by sitting in stationary traffic and then being forced not to deliver their loads then you can surely see, the mess we find ourselves in, simply can not be blamed on Brexit.

After the experience we have all had going through Covid, it is time now for us to come together and whether the storms that are coming our way.

The very last thing we should be doing, is seeking to divide ourselves even further.

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