Laurence Fox: Are we to continue down this path of patriarchal obsession?

Laurence Fox gives his take on the budget

Laurence Fox asks: 'Is it time to make mothers and fathers great again?'

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/03/2023

- 19:33

Laurence Fox gives his take on the Budget...

If by some happy chance, you are fortunate enough to wile away some evening hours with a woman of a certain age - and when I say certain age - I mean 35 and under, there is a possibility that at some point during your whisperings of sweet nothings, there will come forth from your amour, quite suddenly and out of the blue, a stern eyed and serious utterance of the “P word.”

The P word being Patriarchy. And If by some miracle you don’t hop out of your seat there and then - and flee the vegan restaurant for the hills - I suggest strapping in for the ride, as you are given the familiar lecture about all the wrongs of man.

An agonising intersection of identity politics, grievance culture and unending and systemic oppression.

Some, and I emphasise - only some - young women - you see are taught, from an early age that everything which goes wrong in their life is somehow someone else’s fault, and when I say someone else’s fault - I mean some “mans” fault.

They have been well trained and versed from a young age - all through education camp - to keep a keen eye out for this cruel, crushing and invidious “patriarchy,” created to deprive them of opportunity and fulfilment.

Not being a sociologist myself, I will leave the scientific explanations to someone of superior learning. But as far as I can gather, almost everything that irks some young women can always be found - in time - to be the fault of some young man - his patriarchal scheming - and his unending desire to stamp glass ceiling after glass ceiling upon her troubled head.

The better schooled raise some interesting facts about the deleterious effect on societal cohesion as a whole, caused by the historical exclusion of women in all areas of life - from town planning, crash test dummies to modern healthcare.

All designed by men, for men. These are entirely valid points - and would land strongly, I imagine, if they were separated out from the intersected, identitarian woke soup of “man blaming.” Which constitutes modern feminism.

Faced with this laser like Patriarchal glare, the average incel is left with few options.

Either to carry on just being himself and gently shrugging off the jibes of “misogyny” and “toxic masculinity” or to ally himself more closely with a future mate by stepping ever nearer to the precipice of becoming a male feminist, or just go the whole hog and chop off his crown jewels - symbols of male oppression - lob on a dress and give up upon manhood entirely.

Which is strange, especially given that this latest iteration of feminism - in many cases - seems to struggle more than previous ones to define what a “woman” actually is, as was witnessed this week in a Hollywood television studio for all to see.

The deeply regressive display of years long past. A woman sinking to her knees before a man, in a desperate attempt to appease the ever powerful patriarchy.

One thing is for sure, the patriarchy conversation is an upside-downy, topsy turvey one.

Which brings me on to comrade Hunt and his budget. New Chief commissar to the Treasury for the people’s republic of Great Britain.

Installed by Chairman Sunak at a hastily called People’s Assembly, following Chairman Truss and comrade Kwarteng hasty replacement in the recent coup.

Comrade Hunt, his face locked in raptured joy revealed a budget of “maximum well being for the People’s Republic of Great Britain” this week, as he announced - following a 26 minute standing ovation - that mothers and fathers were no longer required to raise their own children, the state would provide free comrade-sitting, whilst Mummy and daddy got back to work.

The state media were enraptured by Comrade Hunt’s great parental leap forward.

However, not all were enamoured in the People’s assembly, as a tiny minority of comrades - harkening back to the when parents raised their children instead of the party - were quickly removed to the camps, by representatives from the department for education and indoctrination.

On a slightly more serious note, it wouldn’t have mattered who gave the budget last week. It certainly didn’t feel like a conservative one. It didn’t even sound like it was conceived by a “politician” at all.

It was the sound of the establishment juggernaut trying to convince people they were getting something for nothing. Via some witchcraft or sleight of hand parents were getting comrade care for free, despite the PRUK having the highest tax burden since the last great war.

Yet there is something very unnatural about this position.

As motherhood, fatherhood and parenthood more broadly are denigrated and belittled like never before, the clock begins to tick for some women of a certain age - scowling at the patriarchal unfairness of it all - as birthrates plummet and the population cannot or will not replace itself.

By every metric, children thrive with two present parents in their lives. But our collective narcissism, in defiance of patriarchal oppression leaves us subdued and unsure as to the benefits of our only purpose in existence.

All the while the regime tax us towards work, rather than towards building and raising a family.

Organic societal progress is a wonderful thing, but forced progressivism rarely is. The idea that masculinity is in someway toxic and in need of being constantly “called out” makes the weakest, deviant and most toxic of us turn our backs on a unique identity, only to exchange it for some oestrogen injections, a boob job and a miniskirt, whilst the standard dads of yesteryear are mocked and derided by women who know much better.

These dinosaurs, products of the patriarchy. These simple men, with simple desires - to love and provide for their children and families - have been replaced with male feminists who will sidle, swoon and smooch their way into a ladies undergarments whilst whispering the sweet nothings of equality, male feminism and oppression. Are we to continue down this path of patriarchal obsession? or is it time to make mums and dads great again?

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