A Starmer-led Labour Government would be the most dangerous yet, says Keith Bays


Sir Keir Starmer looks set to be in No10 after the next election

Keith Bays

By Keith Bays

Published: 19/03/2024

- 19:36

Keith Bays argues why he believes Labour cannot be trusted in power

If the opinion polls are anything to go by, Britain could be about to elect the most dangerous Labour Government yet.

A clear indication as to why this might be stems from Labour’s actions whilst in opposition, which demonstrate that the party led by Sir Keir Starmer would take a Machiavellian approach to governing... an approach not born out of what’s best for the British people but what is in their own self-interest.

If the rules don’t suit, they’ll be changed

As Nicolo Machiavelli famously once said: “The first method for estimating the Intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men around him.”

Starmer’s judgement and leadership are at fault here, he has not only failed to control his own MPs, but he’s also surrounding himself with faithful lieutenants like Sir Chris Bryant MP who openly engage in what could be described as Machiavellian behaviour.

There was outrage last month when House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle appeared to alter the rules in order to save Labour from a tricky vote. In a recent Channel 4 Interview Mr Bryant, the Shadow Minister for the Creative Industries and Digital said that he was ‘"not proud of the whole day", or of his "own particular role in it".

When asked if it was his or his party’s decision to create more time for Starmer and other Labour MPs to lobby Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to change the rules that prevented an embarrassing rebellion, Mr Bryant admitted "it was a bit of both If I’m honest”.

Labour’s continued antisemitism problem 

Labour had a major problem with antisemitism when Jeremy Corbyn was in charge, with MPs leaving the party because of a failure to deal with the issue. The party itself was found guilty of three breaches of the Equality of the Equality Act by the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding antisemitism.

Whilst this has improved under Starmer’s tenure, the party and its leader have arguably failed to tackle antisemitism for good. If you are a member of the Jewish community the prospect of a Labour government must be a frightening prospect.

Most recently Labour MP Andy McDonald lost the Labour whip for referencing a "from the river to the sea" chant at a Pro-Palestinian rally in London - a phrase widely used when talking about the eradication of Israel.

Mr McDonald has subsequently had the whip restored by the Labour Party, after an investigation found that he had not broken Labour Party rules. Arguably, many Britons would find Labour’s processes for dealing with antisemitism under Starmer’s watch to be not fit for purpose.

Control, Control, and more control, the world is not enough

Perhaps the most dangerous plan that Starmer and the Labour Party are considering is the formulation of a four-person Executive cabinet, which would consist of Sir Keir Starmer, Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, Rachael Reeves, and political enforcer Pat McFadden.

This would allow Starmer to rule with an Iron fist and prevent any potentially unruly MPs from having any sort of influence on major policy decisions. Many of Labour’s Cabinet members would be simply become window dressing, with the opportunity for scrutiny, challenge and checks and balances reduced significantly.

Captain U-Turn and his row backs  

We are living in incredibly difficult geopolitical times and this calls for strong leadership from leaders on the world stage.

Britain could have a Prime Minister Starmer in a matter of months and that’s concerning given it has taken him months to work out if a woman can have a penis.
With leadership like that you can imagine he won’t likely gain Putin’s attention or respect.

At a time when both Britain and the international community need stability more than ever, especially when dealing with the threats that Russia, Iran, and China all pose to UK interests, such dithering and uncertainty on a very simple matter hardly gives confidence on other matters.

What we have is a man who is indecisive, rules based on what will lead to positive headlines, and is paranoid and addicted to control. Starmer is a man that can’t respond when the moment calls him. Britain can’t afford leadership like this.

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