German hospital 'under siege' by police carrying machine guns as woman 'barricades herself in room and fires pyrotechnics'

Emergency services at the scene

Emergency services at the scene

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 04/03/2024

- 18:39

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 22:23

Emergency services are in attendance at the facility in Aachen

German police have been called to a hospital near the border with Belgium with reports of a woman having "ignited pyrotechnics."

There are reports from German news outlet Bild of heavily armed police with helmets, protective vests and submachine guns at the Luisenhospital in Aachen.

A police spokesman told German news outlet, T Online: "There are indications that this is a possible threatening situation and people should avoid the area.

"There will be road closures and restrictions on rail traffic. Avoid the area as much as possible."

\u200bThe Luisenhospital in Aachen

The Luisenhospital in Aachen


German news outlet Bild reports that a 65-year-old woman is said to have ignited pyrotechnics, which resulted in heavy smoke. According to their, the unknown woman set fire to a Bengalo in the operating room.

Several fire departments are on site. She then barricaded herself in a patient room - it is unclear whether there were other people in the room.

It is currently unclear whether there have been any injuries and whether the suspected person is making demands.

Parts of the clinic are currently being cleared and patients are being relocated. According to the local newsletter Aachener Zeitung, distraught people are being led out of the building. The police are calling on people to avoid the area around the Luisenhospital.


Fire fighters outside the Luisenhospital\u200b

Fire fighters outside the Luisenhospital


A police spokesman said: "The police operation is ongoing which is why I can only reveal few details so far and which are verified.

"Shortly before 5pm, a woman entered Aachen’s Luisen Hospital and shortly afterwards, hospital employees said, smoke billowed in the vicinity of the woman. She then retracted to a room.

"First, we then closed off the area and ensured that the employees and the patients get to safety. Right now, special police forces are on site trying to solve the situation."

Bild reports helicopter is circling above the hospital. The incident is still ongoing, with emergency services still operating on the scene.

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