Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh ‘exposes’ ITV bosses after claiming he knew about Sharon Osbourne’s arrival

Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh ‘exposes’ ITV bosses after claiming he knew about Sharon Osbourne’s arrival

Sharon Osbourne enters the Big Brother house

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 04/03/2024

- 21:55

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 22:41

12 celebrities will enter the Big Brother house for the ultimate social experiment

Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh left viewers in hysterics during the live launch show on Monday night after he “exposed” he knew Sharon Osbourne would be entering the house weeks before line-up was revealed.

For weeks, rumours have been swirling as to who will be entering the Big Brother house this year and take on the ultimate social experiment.

Osbourne was the first celebrity to be announced on the show tonight but it was revealed she would be entering as a lodger – only staying for the first week.

As she made her way into the house, she was quickly given her first mission which includes her using her previous judging experience.

The former X Factor judge must choose three celebrities who they don’t get a “good vibe” from on their first impression and put them in the danger zone – with one of them being booted at the end of the week.

Whilst she made herself at home, Walsh was brought in as the first housemate, but accidentally let slip he knew that Osbourne was going in.

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne

Louis and Sharon were sent on a secret mission


Speaking to Will Best and AJ Odudu, he admitted he was “excited to be reunited with Mrs O,” despite the line-up not being revealed until the show.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to pick up on this small note from the former X Factor judge and took to their X accounts to comment.

One fan commented: “Louis already giving the game away….. he can’t wait to see Mrs O in there.”

“Everyone at ITV gritting and trembling, the moment Louis said he was excited to be reunited with Sharon,” a second added.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon is being a Big Brother lodger for five days


“Well Louis kind of give it away. He knew Sharon was in there,” another viewer noted before a fourth added: “Louis knowing Sharon was in there. Just know all these celebs had dinner together last night.”

An annoyed viewer quipped: “Well I feel like Louis ruined the ‘big surprise’ of the launch show.”

“Lol Louis Walsh has just exposed @ITV and #CBBUK by knowing that Sharon Osbourne is already in the house. So #CBBUK is fake and everyone knows who's going in there. #BoycottCBBUK,” another fumed.


Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne

Louis let slip he knew Sharon was in the house


A source close to Osbourne touched on her appearance on the ITV show and said: “Sharon is a guest housemate and won’t be going in on launch night. Instead she will come in once the show has started and will be there for a few days."

An associate of Walsh also told the Sun: “There may be a few celebrities outside the house who are feeling nervous about what he might say, because Louis is notoriously outspoken.”

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