Germany plans to COPY Britain's Rwanda migration plan as Scholtz struggles to deal with migrant surge

​Olaf Scholz

Some German states are calling on Scholz to help diffuse the immigration situation

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 01/11/2023

- 14:29

Updated: 01/11/2023

- 15:05

Olaf Scholz is facing pressure within his coalition to tighten rules on asylum seekers

The German Chancellor is considering a Rwanda-style immigration centre, after it is expected that 300,000 people would have applied for refugee status by the end of the year.

A radical-right wing alternative party have called for migrants to be processed at offshore centres in Africa.

The party has described the move as a “new realpolitik” on migration.

Support for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is rising, with it consistently polling at more than 20 per cent.

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“It’s clear that we have to restrict irregular migration and to send back more quickly the people who have no right to stay,” said Steffen Hebestreit, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s spokesman.

“It’s about consistency and speed.”

Many local authorities have said that they can no longer cope with new arrivals.

Pollsters have said a key factor in the AfD’s success was the influx of migrants, which has made some voters concerned.


Germany has taken in over one million Ukrainian war refugees since Russia invaded in February 2022.

The debate between Scholz' party and the AdF is expected to come to a head on Monday at a migration summit.

Some German states are calling on Scholz to help diffuse the immigration situation.

Braverman exiting a Rwanda Air flight

The plan has been compared to the UK's Rwanda system


They are asking him to preside over a cross-party “Germany pact”, which could include recognising more countries as “safe” areas to return immigrants to.

Coalition members are also suggesting that asylum centres be built outside of Europe – in a system comparable to Rwanda.

Possible countries that could be suitable for offshore processing include Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia.

The Free Democrats (FDP), part of Scholz’ coalition, have lauded the proposal.

“An [offshore asylum] regulation of this kind would establish clarity over their protected status and prevent people from resorting to the dangerous route across the Mediterranean when they have no chance [of receiving asylum],” Christian Dürr, the FDP’s leader in the Bundestag, told local press.

Olaf Scholz

Scholz' coalition members are pushing for the Rwanda-style concept


Members of Scholz’ rival Christian Democratic Union party have also praised the concept.

However, possible host nations would need persuading that it is their best interest to host large numbers of migrants.

The concept would also face legal issues as it would be against asylum obligations that Germany has agreed to in the European Convention on Human Rights.

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