WhatsApp users sent urgent ‘text spying’ warning with scammers able to access your account

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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 10/06/2022

- 19:01

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:04

A cyber security expert has warned the scam would seen the 'attacker get complete control of your account within minutes'

WhatsApp users have been sent an urgent warning about scammers who could attempt to access their accounts.

The scam, known as “text spying”, begins with a phone call from fraudsters who attempt to convince you to listen to their instructions.

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The scam begins with a phone call from fraudsters
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People are being warned to be vigilant against WhatsApp scammers
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Scammers use automated call forwarding that some mobile providers offer, along with the ability to send a one-time password code through voice call.

In order to pull off the scam, the scammer needs to persuade the victim into calling a number that starts with a Man-Machine Interface code.

If they they are successful in persuading them, then they will get "complete control of the account within minutes".

Rahul Sasi, CEO of cyber security firm CloudSEk said: "Within a few minutes, your WhatsApp would be logged out and the attacker would get complete control of your account”, he told The Sun.

People are being warned to be vigilant with people they interact with on the app.

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