Neighbour left horrified by response after noticing man next door's security camera points directly into sister's bedroom

Neighbour left horrified by response after noticing man next door's security camera points directly into sister's bedroom

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 12/03/2024

- 11:08

The conversation between the two quickly turned sour

A women got into a row with her neighbour after discovering his security cameras seemingly pointed directly at her younger sister's bedroom.

She said that a previously friendly relationship with her neighbour led to a string of uncomfortable messages and legal threats, ending with the neighbour telling her: "Now go away little girl."

The woman said her sister told her that she could see the camera from her bed, which made her raise concerns about her privacy.

The text conversations, as posted on Reddit, show the young woman from Florida messaging her older male neighbour in a friendly tone, with the conversation quickly turning sour.

A woman looking through blinds and a CCTV camera

The woman claimed that the CCTV camera could look into the bedroom (file pic)


When she brought up the issue to him, the neighbour responded, saying: "When I get back I will show you the camera has absolutely no view into the house whatsoever."

After requesting screen shots from the CCTV footage, the neighbour hit back saying: "I really hope this is not the beginning of a very bad relationship between these two properties. I got along great with [REDACTED] despite a variety of circumstances on that property that were not ideal to me.

"When I get back, I'll actually show you the camera live on my phone. Have a great weekend."

He also mentioned that there was an issue with the younger woman "playing music too loud" to try to lure her away from the camera conversation.


The text conversations between the two

The text conversations between the two


When the woman pointed out the camera could see the entire yard and into her sister's bedroom, violating her privacy, he responded saying: "Read the law very carefully, I have studied it extensively and consulted with legal counsel over the years. I am 100 per cent in the clear."

He added that he was a great neighbour to her mum for years and she should "try to inherit the privilege he bestowed upon her instead of spoiling it."

The young woman, from Florida, repeated the same request for the camera to be removed and questioned why he is "dead set on recording someone in the privacy of their own home" before he ended the conversation.

He advised her to employ someone with legal training to continue the chat on her behalf before telling her to go away.

In the Reddit thread, she said: "'Since my mom has passed, he has ramped up the complaints and harassing texts to my sister.

"Texting her about the weather, asking her if he could walk her very large mastiff, inviting her to use his hot tub, asking if she could put packages in his house every day."

While some told the young women they should just close the blinds and avoid the backyard. The woman added that a second camera looks into the back yard and living areas but she has "just left it."

"It's just the bedroom that I asked he remove as she feels like she needs to cover her own windows to avoid him now."

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