Teen vandal with male genitals drawn on face caught by police

Stock Police warning tape
Stock Police warning tape
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Gareth Milner

By Gareth Milner

Published: 24/01/2022

- 17:06

After going out to celebrate his 18th birthday with friends, Shane Ross was involved in a car wrecking spree

After going out to celebrate his 18th birthday with friends, Shane Ross was involved in a car wrecking spree by damaging a number of wing mirrors of vehicles parked in a street.

At some point in the preceding hours Mr Ross had male genitals drawn on his face which enabled police to quickly track him down from a description of the culprits.

One of the other vandals, Jamie Ogg, tried to punch a police officer in the head.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last week, Mr Ross and Mr Ogg plead guilty to maliciously damaging property and Mr Ogg admitted assaulting a police officer and threatening behaviour in Bleachfield, Falkirk last year.

The Falkirk Herald report that Procurator fiscal depute Rose Wilson said: “It was around 1.30am and the witness was watching television when they heard a noise coming from Dollar Avenue. They looked out the window and saw three males.

"One of them was heard to state ‘I’ll kick one’ and thereafter a male was seen to kick a vehicle. Officers attended and located the accused Ross – who matched the description of one of the males.

"He spoke with police officers and was noted to be engaging well with police. Then officers saw the accused Ogg – he seemed to be climbing a wall and was immediately hostile towards police.

"He shouted ‘what do you want’ and officers explained to both accused why they had been stopped. Ogg started swearing say ‘you’ve got nothing on us’. Officers then got out of their vehicle to speak to both accused.

"The Ogg made a fist and attempted to punch a police officer to the face, continuing to shout and swear ‘get off me’.”

After Police officers subsequently carried out checks, they discovered a number of vehicles all with damaged wing mirrors, later finding CCTV footage showing the accused punching the wing mirrors.

Representing Ogg, defence solicitor Dick Sandeman stated his client was a first offender.

Stephen Biggam, representing Ross, said: “They were out celebrating Mr Ross’s 18th birthday and he had consumed far too much alcohol on the night in question. He is ashamed and apologetic for what he did.”

Mr Biggam said Ross had a male organ drawn on his face during the night out.

“I don’t think it was self inflicted,” he added. “He was the only person matching the description and I think there was some amusement from police about his situation.

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