Stanley Johnson says 'justice is on Boris' side and warns Tory rebels they're in for a fight

Stanley Johnson says 'justice is on Boris' side and warns Tory rebels they're in for a fight
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Anna Fox

By Anna Fox

Published: 06/07/2022

- 23:01

Updated: 07/07/2022

- 00:48

Stanley Johnson told Dan Wootton he remains confident in his son's premiership

Father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Stanley Johnson, has said justice is on his son's side following another intense day to the Prime Minister's leadership.

Comments from Stanley follow an announcement that the Prime Minister axed Michael Gove from his Cabinet, following claims he pressured him into resigning earlier today.

The former MEP stated his disappointment in the recent spat of resignations in an exclusive interview on Dan Wootton tonight

He told GB News: "If there is a fight, and by the way it's not Boris who's choosing to fight, it's the parliamentary party, but if there is a fight he will go down to the wire.

Stanley Johnson
Stanley Johnson
GB News

"I think the people in the party tonight need to consider very carefully indeed do they really want to go down this route, do they really want to force a second vote?"

The father of Mr Johnson continued: "Because for my money actually you know it's justice, it's a matter of justice, justice is on Boris' side.

"I'm here to praise Boris not to bury him, if you look at the facts, his achievements have been extraordinary."

When probed by Dan as to whether "anything" would force the Prime Minister to resign, Stanley replied: "I don't see it, I absolutely don't see it".

Stanley commended his son's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, stating: "We're derailing the man who has led all that in what appears to be completely inconsequential reasons".

Dan Wootton and Stanley Johnson
Dan Wootton and Stanley Johnson
GB News

He also warned how if ministers continue their witch hunt against the Prime Minister, "a fight may end up being more painful than they realise".

He added: "If the party wants a fight then there will be a fight but he's not going to walk away from this thing.

"This is an incredibly serious moment, it is democracy and it's unbelievable that a bunch of MPs think they can unseat the Prime Minister."

Boris' leadership came under increased scrutiny today when the 1922 Committee met to discuss the future of the Prime Minister.

Deciding not to change the leadership election rules, an MP who attended the meeting told GB News reporter Tom Harwood that instead of a rule change, the committee has sped up the election process, with backbench MPs now set to vote on Monday instead of Wednesday.

Nominations for a new leader would be open for Conservative MPs if Mr Johnson was defeated in a fresh confidence vote, with MPs potentially whittling the candidates down to the final two before the summer recess.

Despite increasing resignations, the Prime Minister refused to quit, following increasing calls from Cabinet colleagues, insisting that he would continue to focus on the “hugely important issues facing the country”.

The news follows a meeting which took place at no.10 this evening, where senior Cabinet ministers urged the Prime Minister to resign, following his handling of allegations of misconduct against Chris Pincher.

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