Small boats return to Dover after port disruption

Small boats return to Dover after port disruption
small boats return to dover port
Mark White

By Mark White

Published: 04/08/2022

- 13:01

Updated: 04/08/2022

- 15:21

After almost a fortnight's absence due to border travel disruption at Dover, Channel migrants are now being taken to the Kent port once again for processing

For the past 12 days, those pulled off small boats in the English Channel had been landed at Ramsgate harbour instead.

They were then taken to a new migrant processing facility at the nearby Ministry of Defence base at Manston.

With border disruption at the port of Dover now largely resolved, the main processing centre at Dover harbour has begun operations again.

Migrants arriving in Dover
Migrants arriving in Dover
GB News

This morning eight small boats were intercepted by Border Force vessels and around 400 people taken to Dover.

On Monday, while Border Force was still using Ramsgate, 696 people were taken to the harbour there.

It was the biggest number of migrants taken ashore on a single day so far this year.

Including those who have arrived so far today in Dover, the number of people who have crossed the Channel in small boats this year has now reached almost 17,300.

At the equivalent point in 2021, the total number of migrant arrivals was just under 9,500.

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