Peter Bleksley blasts knife crime 'epidemic' as new laws introduced: 'Teenage blood spilt on our streets!'

Peter Bleksley blasts knife crime 'epidemic' as new laws introduced: 'Teenage blood spilt on our streets!'

WATCH NOW: Former Met Police Detective responds to latest knife crime legislation

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 25/01/2024

- 16:06

A 'surrender and compensation' scheme is set to be launched in the summer

Former Metropolitan Police Detective Peter Bleksley has cast doubt on the latest knife crime legislation, as the Government has announced a fresh scheme to crack down on knife crime.

The Government has announced that dangerous zombie-style knives and machetes will be banned in a bid to reduce the soaring levels of knife crime in the capital.

The new legislation, introduced in Parliament today, will make it illegal to possess, sell, manufacture or transport zombie style knives and machetes.

They are also launching a 'surrender and compensation' scheme from 26 August, in further measures to move knife crime off of UK streets.

Peter Bleksley and zombie knives

Peter Bleksley says there is a 'knife crime epidemic' in the UK

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Home Secretary James Cleverly said of the new ban: "I have expedited the ban on zombie-style machetes and we are increasing the maximum sentence for selling knives to under 18s.

"We will continue to invest in youth services that have prevented thousands of violent injuries."

In the year ending June 2023, 50,833 knife related offences were recorded by the police, an increase of three per cent on the previous year.

Reacting to the legislation, former Metropolitan Police Detective Peter Bleksley questioned whether the initiative would work and if the issue of knife crime is a more broad, societal issue.

Bleksley told GB News: "I fear it won't work because we used to have one piece of legislation that called everything offensive weapons. Then we had more legislation that introduced a bladed article.

"Then we had stipulations as to the length of a blade. Then we had legislation about wording. And now we're going to get something about the depth of serration and the length of the blade yet again."

He stated: "But what is happening all the time? Teenage blood is being spilt on our streets, and only yesterday in the West Midlands a teenager was charged with murdering another teenager."

Host Ellie Costello asked Bleksley if the issue surrounding knife crime in the UK is more down to "societal issues" than the style of the weapons in question.

Peter Bleksley

Peter Bleksley questioned whether the new ban on zombie knives will work

GB News

Bleksley agreed: "Yes, it is a societal issue. I'm not going to criticise the further legislation - if the Government want to push that through then absolutely fine. But it's not really tackling the nub of the matter.

"There is an absolute epidemic of knife crime in our country. People are losing their lives on virtually a daily basis."

He continued: "We need more police, we need more stop and search and yes, we've got stupid mayors, particularly in London, who want to actually reduce stop and search and limit police powers.

"What we need is clear, robust policing, plenty of stop and search, and targeting known offenders."

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