Pensioner tells GB News how she can only afford one meal a day and one hour of heating

10 Pensioner Sue Ashcombe Hurt
Gareth Milner

By Gareth Milner

Published: 10/02/2022

- 08:29

'I’ve restricted my diet so I don’t have to use the cooker so much', Sue told the Breakfast Show

GB News viewer and pensioner Sue Ashcombe-Hurt, who only eats one hot meal a day, has exclusively told GB News that energy costs are “seriously worrying” and has slammed Rishi Sunak’s plan to help with bills as “ridiculous”.

Putting on a brave face to join Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel, a worried Sue told viewers she does not consider herself a poor pensioner “but these costs are seriously worrying me, energy is going up so fast.”

Sue told Eamonn Holmes she only puts her heating on for an hour each morning “so the shower room is warm enough for me to have a shower… we’ve been lucky this year because the winter has not been too cold.”

She also said “I’ve restricted my diet so I don’t have to use the cooker so much… I have one hot meal a day, I have quite a bit in the freezer that should last me a while.”

When asked what she thought could be done to help pensioners, Sue said she would get rid of the planned National Insurance rise.

Keenly aware of international geo-politics, Sue slammed the UK’s reliance on energy supplies from Russia and China, saying “get back to fracking and gather some gas from home instead”. Adding she didn’t understand why the UK should make itself bankrupt to reduce a carbon footprint when Russia and China were the main culprits.

As a pensioner, Sue said a lot of older people have been hit badly with rises in recent years and she didn’t see the point in Rishi Sunak giving with one hand and taking away with another.

"I am a Conservative but unfortunately I agree with Keir Starmer, it’s ridiculous”, she said of Chancellor Sunak’s plans. Instead, she suggested “get rid of the green taxes”.

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