Parking spaces snatched by council from homeowners despite legal right

Parking spaces snatched by council from homeowners despite legal right

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 27/12/2023

- 14:32

The parking spaces were taken despite the residents legally owning the land they were located on

Residents have been left furious after having parking spaces on their land taken away from them, despite owning the land they are on.

Homeowners living in Edinburgh's Springfield area were informed their parking spaces were being taken from them by Edinburgh Council.

It comes after the group of residents were told part of the road outside their homes was being adopted by the council.

The residents have been locked in a bitter year-long battle with the local authority.

Springfield area

Parking spaces snatched by council from homeowners despite legal right

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Maureen and Jimmy Stewart, as well as Ian Dick, previously expressed anger over the situation and say they will not give up their spaces for the council to make them permit holders only - having installed their own metal bollards between spaces.

Stewart, 72, told EdinburghLive: "We're in the dark but we're all convinced we're in the right because of the legal documents.

""It's absolutely ridiculous. This started before Covid and we're no further forward. If they were to come down now I would just go out and say you're not doing it and they would go away.

"The whole thing is a farce as far as I'm concerned and the council have shown their true colours."


Edinburgh Council leader Cammy Day said: "I've met with the residents affected a number of times as has my local councillor James Dalgleish and I understand there are now legal discussions about this.

"I am fully behind the residents and families at Springfield who, in their title deeds, clearly state that they own the piece of land outside their homes which has been suggested to become a controlled parking zone."

The council claims that Taylor Wimpey instructed the council to adopt the road even though the developer disputed those claims.

It also told them the small car park would be painted with permit lines and that six homeowners would soon have to buy a permit to park outside.

This is despite the fact that their title deeds saying each house came with a private parking space.

Taylor Wimpey says it is not aware of any reason for the council to change the ownership arrangements for the parking spaces.

A spokesperson added that they are looking into the matter with their legal department.

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