Grave warning issued over cost-cutting migrant housing plan - ‘It is serious!’

Suella Braverman in Parliament

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is set to push through a new migrant housing plan

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 28/07/2023

- 17:33

Suella Braverman has reportedly set her sights on a new plan

The Home Office is under fire over their latest plan to house the increasing number of migrants making their way to British shores.

It comes after it was reported that Suella Braverman is planning to accommodate thousands of migrants in marquees at disused military sites.

Braverman remains determined to stifle the demand for hotels from asylum seekers, which is costing taxpayers around £6m a day.

The new proposals, which were reported in The Times, have come under fire from former Conservative adviser Clare Pearsall, who suggested illnesses may become rife as swathes of migrants group together.

“We’ve seen things like Glastonbury and Reading Festival where it is a mud pit”, she told GB News.

“You sort of say ‘you’ve chosen to do that and that’s part of your festival experience’, but this is going to be that on a larger scale.”

“The sanitation and the illness that comes from that is not funny. It is serious.”

According to the newspaper, Border Force is expecting the busiest time for small boat journeys to come in the next three months.

A Home Office source said: “It’s obvious we can’t again be in a position where we’re having to spot-book expensive hotels on the fly for migrants.

“There’s nothing wrong with this kind of temporary accommodation when needed. Other countries do use it as well.”

Pearsall mocked the plan, sarcastically dubbing it a “bright idea” in a scathing criticism.

She told Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond: “It is reported that many more will come over the summer months. Who knew?

“Putting people into marquees, if this is a temporary measure, I can understand it. But they’re saying they want to ensure these migrants are out in the winter.

“It’s now the end of July, how many do you think are coming across and what are you doing about that?

“Once they are in the marquees, what are you doing about them?

“If you’re saying this is a temporary measure and you’re going to move them on, to where? And in what capacity?

“Again this is a case of the Home Office using sticking plaster policies in the last minute.”

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