Martin Lewis blamed for 'breaking Britain' by Eon after numerous energy websites crash

Martin Lewis blamed for 'breaking Britain' by Eon after numerous energy websites crash
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Max Parry

By Max Parry

Published: 31/03/2022

- 17:17

Updated: 01/04/2022

- 13:08

The consumer advice expert was blamed by the company for creating 'unprecedented demand'

Eon has criticised consumer advice expert Martin Lewis for creating "unprecedented demand", as a number of energy providers' websites have faltered today.

On what has been referred to online as #MeterReadingDay, consumers have been advised to submit their energy meter reading today, before the increase in the price cap kicks in tomorrow.

Mr Lewis tweeted earlier today: "Pls share. Thurs 31 Mar is energy #MeterReadingDay So firms can't assign some of your current usage to April when rates are c54% higher - Not smart meter? Send a reading (later in the day the better) - Smart or prepay meter? Just take a meter pic for safety (in case of dispute)"

Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis
Kirsty O'Connor

He also noted many consumers were struggling to submit their readings due to technical issues on a number of provider's sites.

"I'm getting many many reports of people struggling to submit meter readings", he tweeted.

"The volume isn't unexpected. Firms really should've been better prepared."

In the same tweet he called on the regulator to investigate.

He said: "It's not good enough @ofgem please can you look into this."

One energy provider that was suffering with issues on their website was Eon.

The provider responded to a tweet from a frustrated customer who could not submit their reading and blamed Mr Lewis.

The tweet read: "Unfortunately the website and phone lines of every supplier are being hammered today.

"Martin has once again created unprecedented demand bringing down Britain.

E.On reply to one customer.
E.On reply to one customer.

"If you respond to our private message providing the details requested then we can assist you."

The company pinned a tweet on their Twitter timeline addressing the issues surrounding their website and app: "We're seeing unprecedented traffic to our website & app that we're resolving. Meter readings taken today can be added to your account online in the coming days.

"We apologise for any inconvenience. Smart meter customers don't need to send readings as they'll be sent automatically."

Mr Lewis tweeted about E.On's comment about him.

He told followers: "On the Eon tweet - I think it was someone trying to be funny - who forgot that you can't do a wry smile in twitter.

"Rather than anyone actually suggesting I'm "breaking Britain' I'm always forgiving of human error (as I make 'em myself).

"So let's move on. Nowt to see here 'gov."

Eon's tweet has since been deleted.

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