Scammer who sued for £600k after pretending to be severely disabled jailed

Outside the Royal Courts

The grandad-of-six appeared at the Royal Court

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 23/11/2023

- 11:45

Mark Hilton has been jailed for ten years

A man who claimed to be so disabled he couldn't pull his underpants up was jailed after he was was filmed doing his Christmas shopping.

Mark Hilton, 49, also faces a £150,000 court bill after admitting contempt of court.

While working as a driver for Elliott Thomas Group Ltd in 2015, Hilton, of Dartford, Kent, suffered soft tissue injuries after a heavy fuel hose fell onto him as he filled a tanker.

The grandad-of-six claimed the injury had left him so disabled he could barely function.

Royal Courts of Justice


However, his claim for £600,000 in compensation unravelled following a private investigation.

Investigators caught him on film walking his dog, Christmas shopping in Ikea, fixing his car and visiting the West Ham store at Stratford.

Mark Hilton told the court he couldn’t dress himself, lift a cup of tea, and needed a frame to walk. His claim was kicked out of court by a judge.

Mr Justice Constable said: "This was a most calculated – if ineptly executed – attempt at defrauding insurers."

Outside the Royal Court

The court heard Mr Hilton will not have the funds to pay the fine


Outlining the case for the insurer, QBE barrister Paul Higgins described Hilton’s £600,000 compensation bid as a "very serious fundamental dishonesty" case.

In statements filed for his insurance claim, Hilton said he needed help getting dressed, could not drive, had to use a Zimmer frame to get about.

He claimed he could only walk about 20 yards due to his disability.

Footage from 2016, however, showed him driving to a shop, walking in without a stick.

Justice Constable said: "There was an extremely marked disparity between his real ability to carry out daily activities.

"The most aggravating aspect of the contempt is the quantum of the claim – in excess of £600,000."

Judge Constable also ordered that Hilton be liable for QBE’s costs of the case.

This was estimated by lawyers to be at about £150,000. However, the court heard Hilton will not have the funds to pay.

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