‘You terrify me!’ Bev Turner probes doctor in fierce clash as he defends Just Stop Oil protesters

‘You terrify me!’ Bev Turner probes doctor in fierce clash as he defends Just Stop Oil protesters

Just Stop Oil spokesperson clashes with Bev Turner on GB News

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/11/2023

- 12:07

Updated: 07/11/2023

- 12:31

Bev Turner argued it is not Just Stop Oil's place to make decisions for other people

Just Stop Oil spokesperson Dr Patrick Hart caused a heated row with GB News presenter Bev Turner, as he compared the climate activists to the Suffragettes.

This follows government plans to implement an annual gas and oil licence in the North Sea, set to be unveiled in today’s King’s Speech for the State Opening of Parliament.

On Monday, Just Stop Oil activists stormed the National Gallery in London, using hammers to smash a painting depicting the Suffragette movement.

Appearing on Britain’s Newsroom, Dr Hart defended the actions of Just Stop Oil and reacted to the Government plans.

Dr Patrick Hart appears on GB News

Dr Patrick Hart said new oil and gas is an 'act of genocide'

GB News

Speaking to Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce, Dr Hart revealed he has been involved in "lots" of Just Stop Oil demonstrations, and his family and friends are "annoyed and angry"

Dr Hart added: "I understand that it's a natural reaction, but then what they say is I admire you for standing up for your values."

Dr Hart shared his thoughts on the Government plans for oil and gas licences, claiming: "At times of war, at times of economic collapse, great turmoil and disaster, the government has kept us safe.

"Now, in 2023, the government is doing the exact opposite. Every time the government says we're going to drill for more oil in the North Sea, they are putting our lives in danger, British people's lives in danger."

Andrew then asked Dr Hart about the National Gallery incident, and how destroying a painting was "helping their cause", to which Hart explained: "The painting wasn't smashed, the glass was smashed, and is the exact painting that over 100 years ago back in in 1914, the Suffragettes actually slashed the painting.

"At that time, the world we were living in was again a world where politics was broken. Women had been asking nicely for the vote for a very long time.

"And then finally a group of women got together and ordinary women got together and said what are our values? What do we really care about? We care about equal rights for women and we are not going to be ignored any longer. They slash that painting and now we we build statues of them."

Bev Turner became frustrated with Hart's comparison to the Suffragettes, stating: "It is so offensive to me. I am almost impossible to offend Patrick, but I find it so offensive to compare the suffragettes protesting for women to have the vote to take part in our democracy with you deciding with just Stop oil deciding that there's a consensus on the science."

Bev Turner presents on GB News

Bev Turner argued it is not Just Stop Oil's place to make decisions for other people

GB News

Bev continued: "The very definition of science is a different consensus and you've all decided that for my benefit you need to cause this kind of disruption in London, this kind of damage across London and Europe. It is not your place to make that decision for other people."

Dr Hart fought back, arguing: "The two people who took part in that this action, I think they were 20 and 22. They're young people. They are actually doing it because they're fighting for their own lives. They have to live with the consequences of the decisions."

Bev then jibed "they have a criminal record now!", to which Hart replied "why would someone say, OK, I accept a criminal record because actually that's better than what's coming down the line to me? Because they are well informed and they are standing up for their values.

"Young kids standing up against an act of genocide, which is new oil and gas. It is an genocide that is an over the top state. I'm afraid that is just the truth."

Andrew then expressed his anger over Just Stop Oil with Hart, telling him: "Your tactics are ludicrous. The narrative you're painting here is over the top."

Hart defended the group again, saying: "If you don't like it, I don't blame you. Genocide is a terrifying word, but unfortunately that is the truth."

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