Just Stop Oil protester rammed by car as driver 'runs over her foot' after blocking road

Just Stop Oil protester rammed by car as driver 'runs over her foot' after blocking road

A driver appears to ram into a protester before speeding off

Just Stop Oil
Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 02/05/2023

- 17:56

Updated: 02/05/2023

- 18:06

The climate group have been slow marching in London every day since April 24

A determined driver appeared to ram into a Just Stop Oil protester before speeding off as the group of activists caused more traffic chaos today and ignored police orders to move.

Footage has emerged of the motorist attempting to make their way down the road as one protester tries to block the car from getting past.

The activist appears to fall onto the ground and claims the driver had '"gone over her foot".

Just Stop Oil campaigners have been causing chaos across London by slow marching every day since April 24 - frustrating drivers and bus passengers trying to get around the capital.

A protester being rammed into by a car on a London street

Scotland Yard told a group that it had imposed a condition on the march which orders them to get on the pavement

Just Stop Oil

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: "Police are appealing for witnesses and dash cam footage after a person was involved in a collision with a vehicle on Holloway Road, Islington, whilst engaged in a protest, at around 10:00hrs, today Tuesday 2 May.

"The incident was brought to police attention after being circulated on social media and shows the person being involved in collision with a grey Renault Megane.

"If you were the person or have any information about the incident please report by calling 101, tweeting @MetCC or online at www.met.police.uk/"

Yesterday, Scotland Yard told a group that it had imposed a condition on the march under Section 12 of the Public Order Act, which orders them to get on the pavement.

However, protesters challenged police as they claimed the order had to be imposed on an area rather than the march itself.

Activists also asked to speak to the Metropolitan Police officer behind it, Chief Inspector Chris Scammell, who later appeared to explain the decision in more detail.

The group continued its demonstration this morning as 55 protesters marched from Regent Street and Parliament Square at 7.30am.

Yesterday, a video posted by Just Stop Oil on Twitter showed a police officer telling a protester: "A Section 12 condition has been imposed on this march under the Public Order Act by Chief Inspector Scammell.

"So the condition that has been put on the march is that you have to march on the pavement.

"If you don't, people that are marching on the road will be liable for arrest. That was imposed at 10.27am."

The Public Order Act 1986 states that conditions can be imposed by police "as to the route of the procession or prohibiting it from entering any public place specified in the directions".

Just Oil protesters in London

The campaigner could be seen trying to stop a car getting past the slow march earlier this morning

Just Stop Oil

During the video, Chief Inspector Scammell turned up at the scene and can be heard saying: 'I'm Chief Inspector Scammell, OK. We've assessed your march from cameras and TfL, there's been significant disruption.

"It's reached the point where I've now put a Section 12 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. Your procession must proceed on the footway."

Just Stop Oil said that since its campaign began on April 1 last year, there have been more than 2,100 arrests and 138 people have spent time in prison.

One of the marchers, Sarah Benn, a former NHS GP of 32 years from Birmingham, said: "As a doctor I have dealt with many emergencies, and the first thing you do in that situation is to urgently remove what is causing or worsening the situation.

"We face a climate and ecological emergency, yet our Government sits on its hands and mouths platitudes - instead of taking the no-brainer first step of ending new fossil fuel licences."

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