Hamas hostage's brother gives devastating update one month on: 'We are broken'

Hamas hostage's brother gives devastating update one month on: 'We are broken'
Jack Carson

By Jack Carson

Published: 08/11/2023

- 12:47

The Goldstein-Almog family is one of those devastated by the events of October 7

The brother of a Hamas hostage has told GB News how the terrorist attacks in Southern Israel on October 7 broke his family.

Omry Almog grew up in Kibbutz Gevim with his sister, Chen, and close friend to the family, Helite Butler. Now, Omry in Israel and Helite in Walsall are spreading the ‘Bring them home now’ campaign to pressure international leaders into helping secure the release of hostages held by Hamas.

One month on from the October 7 attacks which saw 1400 Israeli people killed, 240 people are thought to have been kidnapped and taken into Gaza by terrorists.

The Goldstein-Almog family is one of those devastated by the events of that day.

\u200bThe Goldstein-Almog family

The Goldstein-Almog family - from left to right - Agam, 17, Gal, 11, Nadav, 48, Chen, 49, Tal, 9, and Yam, 20

49-year-old father of four, Nadav and 20-year-old Yam were killed in their home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

Nadav was Israel’s Mr Iron Man but after a horrific accident 2 months ago, he was run over by a truck and became severely disabled.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) told Omry they assumed the terrorists wanted to abduct the whole family but as Nadav couldn’t walk they shot him. It’s thought at this stage Yam, the eldest daughter, refused to go with them and they shot her too.

Yam had messaged her grandparents earlier in the morning of 7th October to tell them she was in the safehouse and there were terrorists in the house.
Nadav’s wife and sister to Omry, Chen, along with her children Agam, Gal and Tal were reported missing.

Omry told GB News about the aftermath of the attacks and the current situation. He said: “On October 11th when my parents came back from Bulgaria, they confirmed with their DNA that Nadav and Yam were murdered in the house. My sister and the three kids were basically kidnapped.

“They were missing for 9 days, but then they went from missing to kidnapped and right now we know they are alive, but we’re not sure where.

“We’re not sure if they get medicine, if they get food or if they get clothes… we don’t know anything else.”

He added: “This situation is a horrible situation and I try myself to put all my energy into good stuff because we have nothing to lose, this is the situation that I have now.

“The family is broken, and we have to bring back whatever is left of the family.”

Helite Butler grew up with the Almog family and has stayed a close family friend since she left Israel for Britain 30 years ago.

She first found out about the attacks when her mum, still in Southern Israel, called her to tell her they were in their bunker and there was shooting outside.

Days later, Helite was made aware of the news about her lifelong friend Chen and her family. She said: “When that message came through, that was me gone.

“You’re really really sad, but then you’re really really happy that they’re not dead. Suddenly there’s hope.

“Even though you’re conflicted with thoughts of ‘you don’t know what’s going to happen now’, a part of you is thinking ‘but yeah, they’re alive; they’re alive now’.”

Working with Omry in Israel, Helite is helping spread the message of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, a campaign set up less than 24 hours after the attacks on October 7.

The group’s main slogan is ‘Bring them home now’ and has spread internationally with its powerful social media videos.

Helite is working to spread the campaign here in the UK and says she wants to put pressure on political leaders. She said: “My objective is to try and reach the Prime Minister, ask if they can hear Omry’s story.

“It’s one thing looking at what’s going on, but it’s another thing listening to the personal story of someone whose sister is missing and the anguish.

“People need to remember these are children - these babies, toddlers, disabled people - these are humans. They didn’t do anything.”

Both the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary have met with leaders in the Middle East since the attacks to discuss the conflict, humanitarian aid and access, regional de-escalation and the release of hostages.

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