Edwina Currie accuses Ken Livingstone of hounding Jewish members out of Labour party

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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 04/05/2022

- 21:15

Updated: 04/05/2022

- 23:00

Mr Livingstone resigned from the party back in 2018 after being suspended for alleged antisemitism

Edwina Currie has accused former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone of hounding Jewish members out of the Labour party.

Ms Currie believes the issues surrounding antisemitism is yet to be resolved within the party.

In 2018, Mr Livingstone announced that he was resigning from the party, saying the issues around his suspension for alleged antisemitism had become a distraction.

Speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight Mr Livingstone said "For a century the Labour Party was the political homeland for Britain’s Jewish community”

Ms Currie responded with: “But it isn’t anymore and it certainly wasn’t when you were in it Ken.

Edwina Currie
Edwina Currie
GB News

Ms Currie blasted Ken Livingstone
Ms Currie blasted Ken Livingstone
GB News

“You ended up having a stand-up row with John Mann in the BBC actually, on the steps.

“You made some of your own colleagues so furious they couldn't wait to see you out.

“You and people like you hounded out some of the most venerable and veteran Jewish MPs like Louise Ellman, we saw Luciana Berger being barracked when they came to a conference.

“It was awful, absolutely awful what was happening, and I didn't hear a word of

“I heard what you said at the beginning of your remarks, that it was all exaggerated.

“It wasn't at all exaggerated and it has not yet been resolved even after you and people like you have thrown out of the party.”

Mr Livingstone has repeatedly denied all allegations of antisemitism.

Her comments come after Mr Livingstone was asked by Dan whether the hard-left should be cleared out of Labour.

To which he replied: “This has been ramped up because they fear the election of a Labour Government.

“I joined the Labour Party back in 1969, in all that time I’ve never heard anyone make an antisemitic comment.

“Literally the week I was suspended, 80 Jewish Labour Party members published a letter int The Guardian saying in all their hundreds of years in the party, they had never heard or seen anything antisemitic.

“Because if you’re antisemitic you’re not going to join the Labour Party."

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