‘Completely deranged!’ Ben Leo brilliantly slaps down Just Stop Oil activist amid ban threat

‘Completely deranged!’ Ben Leo brilliantly slaps down Just Stop Oil activist amid ban threat

Ben Leo clashes with a Just Stop Oil activist

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 14/05/2024

- 09:56

A report claims the radical group should be proscribed in a similar way to terror organisations

A tense row broke out on GB News about Just Stop Oil’s future as the controversial protest group faces scrutiny.

A report, led by former Labour MP John Woodcock, claims the radical group should be proscribed in a similar way to terror organisations.

It comes with a total of 40 recommendations and will be sent to Downing Street.

Gill Tavner, a spokesperson for the group, said on GB News that Just Stop Oil are being “criminalised” because they are “telling the truth”.

Ben Leo and Gill Tavner

Ben Leo clashed with Gill Tavner on GB News


She went on to brand the proposals “laughable”, a comment which a smirking Ben Leo sarcastically agreed with.

He asked: “Do you not think blocking ambulances is a bit extreme?”


Ben Leo and Gill Tavner

A frosty row broke out on GB News


Tavner hit back: “We do not deliberately block ambulances. We move aside because of the blue light policy. Even if we glue ourselves to the road, we would not glue on the lane the ambulances would go through.”

Ben refuted the assertion, citing two instances where ambulances were delayed as a result of Just Stop Oil antics.

The spokesperson vehemently defended the group’s radical exploits, saying those involved view it as their “Christian duty” to stand up for their views.

“The people I’ve been on the road with are teachers, gardeners, lawyers and doctors, they aren’t groomed, it’s their Christian duty to do what is right”, she said.

Just Stop Oil protests

Just Stop Oil activists have caused widespread disruption across the UK

Just Stop Oil

“We stand up for what we are doing because sometimes you have just got to do it.

“They’re doubling down on us and saying we’re criminals. The real criminals are those in Downing Street, the fossil fuel industry, they want to stop us telling the truth.”

Ben said Tavner “wouldn’t be sat here” without fossil fuels and questioned “what difference it makes” to protest against British policies when countries like China have a much heftier carbon footprint.

“It’s frustrating to hear those arguments again”, she said.

“The emissions per person are pretty similar. China and India have less emissions per person than we do, it’s just they have more people.

“They are building stuff but they’re also ahead of us on a lot of their green investment. I can’t go to China and protest, I’m sorting out stuff in my own backyard first.”

Ben hit back to say the “march to net zero is completely deranged”.

In a copy of the draft report, seen by the BBC, Woodcock said: “Militant groups like Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil are using criminal tactics to create mayhem and hold the public and workers to ransom without fear of consequence.

“Banning terror groups has made it harder for their activists to plan crimes — that approach should be extended to extreme protest groups too.”

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