Octopus Energy expands scheme to offer thousands of customers up to 50 per cent off energy bills

Octopus Energy merchandise with Octopus Energy logo

Octopus Energy has launched its first offshore Fan Club tariff

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 25/09/2023

- 13:22

Updated: 25/09/2023

- 13:24

Octopus Energy has announced a new tariff giving selected customers the chance to get 50 per cent off their energy bills during certain periods

Octopus Energy has launched its first-ever offshore “Fan Club” tariff, which reduces energy bills when it is windy within the local area.

The energy supplier said thousands of customers will be able to sign up to this tariff.

The scheme will start with customers who live along the UK coastline from Grimsby to Skegness.

The “Fan Club” customers in this area will be able to get up to 50 per cent off their electricity when their local offshore wind farm produces a lot of wind-powered electricity.

Octopus Energy wind turbine

Octopus Energy said thescheme will start with customers who live along the UK coastline from Grimsby to Skegness


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Fan Club members can get 20 per cent off their unit rate whenever their local wind turbine is spinning and they’re using electricity.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, said: “Our ‘Fan Club’ demonstrates just how much people love wind in Britain.

“It’s fantastic to now expand this pioneering scheme to those living near offshore wind farms too.

“People overlooking these majestic wind farms along the coastlines from Grimsby to Skegness will now be able to benefit from cheaper electricity when it’s windy.”

Ms North-Bond added: “Our customers inspire us massively - they are highly engaged members of the energy system, passionate about participating in the transition to a greener energy future while making savings on their bills at the same time.”

Octopus first launched its “Fan Club” scheme in 2021 for customers living close to one of its onshore wind turbines in Market Weighton and Halifax, Yorkshire, and Caerphilly, Wales.

The company says it has since had more than 20,000 requests for local wind turbines in communities.

Octopus Energy says it aims to bring the new tariff to more areas soon.

Octopus Energy merchandise on boat by offshore wind turbine farm

Octopus Energy says it aims to bring the new tariff to more areas soon


Homegrown offshore wind across the country’s coastline has produced 14 per cent of Britain’s electricity this year, according to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Octopus Energy says the Fan Club for the Lincs Offshore fan in Lincolnshire is available to customers who live in the following postcodes:

  • DN31
  • DN32
  • DN33
  • DN34
  • DN35
  • DN36
  • LN11
  • LN12
  • LN13
  • PE24
  • PE25

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