Aldi customers urged to check receipts as self-checkout process could mean you overpay for your shop

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Aldi customers are warning that discounts aren't automatically applied at the self-checkout

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 13/10/2023

- 14:21

Updated: 13/10/2023

- 14:24

Aldi has been named as Britain’s favourite supermarket, according to new polling data

Aldi customers are being urged to take care at self-checkouts and check their receipts in order to avoid paying more than they need to for products.

Shoppers are warning they have noticed that reductions or promotions aren’t automatically applied when they scan the item at the self-service checkout.

Customers need to call over a member of staff, who will then manually apply the savings.

Concerned others may be missing out on the savings by not realising the process, consumers have shared warnings about the matter on social media.

Aldi store front

Aldi customers are being warned self-checkout process could mean you accidentally miss out on the discount


In-store discounts are applied at the checkout by Aldi staff.

It's understood the feedback Aldi gets about the convenience of their self-checkouts is "overwhelmingly" positive.

One Facebook user shared an alert in an Aldi fan group, which has more than 270,000 members, writing: “Any discounts don't automatically apply on the self-checkouts.

“You have to ask a human employee to take the discounts off manually. This applies for % off stickers and any multibuys etc. I don't know if this is common knowledge."

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Another Aldi shopper added: "Yes it's because they don't change the barcode to reflect the reduced price. You just push the discount button and they come over to do it for you."

Other social media users said they had previously been caught out by this rule and paid more for their shopping than they needed too.

Some have called for the supermarket chain to display signs, informing customers they need a member of staff to apply the promotional price or discount.

A customer also pointed out that staff have to apply the discount at the regular checkouts as well.

Aldi store sign

Aldi has been named as Britain's favourite supermarket in new polling from YouGov


If shoppers feel they have been charged incorrectly, the retailer is encouraging them to contact the Aldi customer service team to rectify the issue.

In new YouGov polling data for Q3 2023 from YouGov, Aldi was named as Britain's favourite supermarket. The retailer, which is Britain's fourth-largest supermarket, came in ahead of its traditional Big Four rivals, as well as M&S and Lidl.

Richard Thornton, Communications Director at Aldi, said: “Low prices never go out of fashion which is why Aldi is – and will continue to be – loved by so many.

“Our unbeatable combination of high-quality products at low prices has helped us attract around a million new customers in the past year alone, but we’re not stopping there. We’re investing £1.4billion over the next two years to help bring us closer to even more households.”

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