'The Government could COLLAPSE over migration' - Richard Tice's devastating verdict

Richard Tice

Richard Tice believes the Government is facing ruin over the disastrous Rwanda Bill

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Published: 10/12/2023

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In a video interview exclusively for GB News members, Richard Tice assesses how serious the situation is becoming for Rishi Sunak's Government

Richard Tice

Speaking to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver in Westminster, the Reform Party leader responded to Suella Braverman's resignation statement in the House of Commons this week.

He said: "I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, with Suella's speech because she only dealt with half the issue.

"She only talks about illegal migration. She didn't talk about the absolute scandal with the mass immigration legally coming in because of this Government's deliberate open borders policies. She just ignored that completely."

Addressing the resignation of Robert Jenrick as Immigration Minister, Tice said: "This is extraordinary how he has become a sort of zealot like on this issue of immigration, both lawful and unlawful, almost more so than Suella Braverman.

"I think that the the fact that everything the Prime Minister's now doing is basically what Suella Braverman and Jenrick wanted but the Prime Minister wouldn't commit to in the last 6 to 12 months, they've now both gone, one fired, one resigned."

Tice added: "Now basically the Prime Minister is on the back foot and saying 'well actually we're going to go the toughest route'.

"But the thing about this Rwanda Bill is they've left wriggle room for individual cases to take claims all the way to the ECHR.

"Well, the truth is, every case is an individual case. So all this posturing and grandstanding by Cleverly and by Sunak to suggest that this is the toughest bill, it's completely irrelevant."

And looking ahead, Tice concluded that: "I think the odds of a some form of spring, late spring, early summer election are dramatically increasing and certainly that's what we're preparing for.

"I've said to my team get ready, this could, this could happen at any moment. The Government could collapse over this."

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