Inside the history of the prestigious green jacket ahead of Masters final day

Inside the history of the prestigious green jacket ahead of Masters final day

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 14/04/2024

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GB News looks at the history of the award given to the winner at Augusta

The Masters will come to a conclusion at Augusta National today and the winner will get his hands on the famous green jacket.

It has become one of the most iconic symbols in sport and only a very exclusive list of people can boast having worn one.

Defending champion Jon Rahm will pass on the jacket to the latest winner following Sunday's action at Augusta.

But where did the concept of gifting such a reward come from? And how long does the victorious player get to keep the jacket for?

Green jacket

Masters: The winner at Augusta has been given a green jacket since 1949


The roots of the green jacket date back to when Augusta National Golf Club was founded in the 1930s.

The inaugural year of the Masters was in 1934 but it was another 15 years before the prize was given.

Co-founders Bobby Jones and Cliff Roberts decided in 1937 that Augusta National members should wear the brightly coloured blazers.

It was brought in for members to stand out and enable patrons to know who to ask if they needed any assistance.

The idea was taken from Royal Liverpool in England after Jones attended a dinner where club captains wore matching jackets.

The blazer, made by the Brooks Uniform Company in New York, was not popular with members because it was too thick and uncomfortable in the warmer weather.

Only members wore the jacket for the first 11 years before Sam Snead became the first recipient of the award with the first of his three wins in 1949.

Masters chiefs then gave a jacket to all previous winners of the tournament.

The great Jack Nicklaus has won more green jackets than any other player, with six to his name.

But players are only permitted to keep it for 12 months after their victory.

Reigning champions can wear the jacket outside of the golf club while they have it in their possession.

But they must bring it back at the following year's tournament, where it will remain at Augusta National.


Jon Rahm

Masters: Jon Rahm won the Masters in 2023 and claimed the green jacket


The great Gary Player, who won the first of his three Masters in 1961, is one exception to the rule.

He didn't know he had to bring the jacket back in 1962 and reportedly had a heated exchange with co-founder Roberts.

Player is said to have told Roberts 'Well, you can come and fetch it'.

It is claimed that Player still has the jacket at home in South Africa to this day but will not wear it in public.

Tiger Woods

Masters: Tiger Woods won his fifth green jacket in 2019


Tiger Woods has won five Masters, the latest of which came in memorable fashion in 2019, 14 years after his fourth.

He gave a big hint what he planned to do with the jacket as his kids Sam and Charlie watched on at his press conference, proclaiming: "I'm excited about show‑and‑tell at school."

Rahm was awarded a cool £2.6million ($3.24m) for his maiden victory at Augusta last year.

But players know the green jacket is something money simply cannot buy.

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