GB News reporter Ben Leo reveals what life is REALLY like inside our newsroom

Ben Leo

GB News Reporter Ben Leo (right) spoke to Community Editor Michael Heaver

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Published: 19/11/2023

- 11:31

Updated: 19/11/2023

- 11:50

In this members-only video, GB News Reporter Ben Leo reveals what goes into producing a show on The People's Channel

GB News staffer Ben Leo - who has just jetted off to Australia to cover Nigel Farage's appearance in the I'm a Celebrity jungle - has spoken about his journey with the channel.

The former Fleet Street reporter told Community Editor Michael Heaver before he boarded the plane down under: "It's my first job in TV.

"I've had lots of fun learning about the production process, what it takes to put a show together."

In the exclusive clip, which members can watch below, Ben explains that: "We start at half one in the afternoon we'll come in, we have a document with a list of story ideas.

"So if we've sent any really great stories from the day or the day before or the weekend, if it's a Monday, we'll put them in a doc and we'll always have a a killer question related to the story.

"So say for example, Rishi Sunak says he wants to stop the boats by this date.

"The idea is to spark a debate amongst the panelists.

"The killer question might be, does Rishi Sunak's premiership depend on whether he can stop the boats or not?"