Man unrecognisable as he sheds staggering 9st 6lb and reversed prediabetes with 12 week diet plan

Man before after weight loss

The slimmer lost an incredible 9st 6lb

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 01/11/2023

- 13:25

Updated: 01/11/2023

- 15:03

A man shared the diet plan he used to improve his health and shed 9st 6lb

Weight loss is not easy to achieve, but Pawel managed to transform his life with the help of the easy-to-follow The Fast 800 diet plan.

The slimmer, from Manchester, lost nearly 10 stone and 17.5 inches from his waist.

Pawel was also able to reverse his prediabetes and improve his blood pressure control.

Working as a doctor and having a busy job before, he got into the habit of grabbing quick, often unhealthy meals.

Man before weight loss

He used portion control and fasting


This saw the pounds pile on and Pawel soon weighed in at 24st 3lb.

He said: "Years ago, before working in the NHS, I had worked away from home for around seven nights every other week for a few years and got used to ordering from the hotel menu, grabbing a quick sandwich during a busy shift, or even grabbing something from a fast food chain.

"I found I was often eating on the run and my choices weren’t very considered.

"Even after I had changed my job, I not only stuck to bad habits, but overeating became my way of dealing with stresses in both my private and professional life. My poor diet not only left me feeling overweight, but also I felt incredibly tired and didn’t have much motivation to do anything about it."

Noticing his mood drop as well as his health decline, Pawel started to have therapy with a clinical psychologist and realised it was time to make a change.

After looking at various options, including taking weight loss medication, he was drawn to The Fast 800 plan.

This consists of cutting calories and eating healthy foods while practising time-restricted eating.

The doctor continued: "I embarked on 12 weeks of ‘The Very Fast 800,’ the rapid weight loss approach where I had to stick to 800 calories a day.

"In addition, I threw myself in and engaged in all of the activities that the programme offered, including the exercise programmes, and mindfulness, and I also read all of the recommended articles.

"I started to prepare all my own food and cook from scratch, while strictly controlling my portion size and using kitchen scales, for the first time.

"I must admit, I was previously consuming around 3,500 calories a day at that point, so the thought of reducing that down to 800 calories a day was terrifying."

While challenging at first, Pawel forced himself to stick to the plan for at least two weeks before making any decision. During this time, he managed to drop an impressive 1st 10lb.

Man after weight loss

He followed the plan for 12 weeks


He completed the full 12 week plan and praised the healthy food options.

Pawel continued: "I particularly liked the breakfasts that were included as part of the programme. I generally mixed and matched the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus, goat's cheese or any combination of fruits, nuts and yoghurt."

Pawel also shook up his exercise routine with at-home workouts.

He said: "I was surprised at how well I took to the exercise programme too. I started on the basic programme and I was surprised to find that I absolutely loved it! Previously, I was terrified of the gym, as I always thought people were looking at me.

"Doing the exercises in the privacy of my own bedroom, with very detailed advice on how to carry out the exercises worked for me very well.

"Even though I didn’t like the sound of the HIIT session to begin with, and I found them initially hard, I decided to stick to them. All of this new confidence and determination came from my therapy – I was seeing the positive effects of the cleaner lifestyle in lots of different ways.

"Whilst I will say that the weight loss medication definitely helped me lose weight, I honestly don’t think it would have worked as well without the programme. I certainly wouldn’t have managed to maintain the weight loss long-term.

"I can’t stress enough how important it is that if you’re considering a weight loss medication, that you combine it with some sort of support programme. There is no magic pill or quick fix that will achieve and maintain weight loss long-term. You do need to apply some hard work yourself as well."

This comes as one woman lost an astounding 3st with The Fast 800 plan.

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