Jay Slater mystery deepens as new CCTV image is released: 'It doesn't add up'

Jay Slater mystery deepens as new CCTV image is released: 'It doesn't add up'

WATCH NOW: Jay Slater search enters ninth day as family release CCTV image

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 25/06/2024

- 08:00

The 19-year-old went missing over a week ago after attending a music festival in Tenerife

Journalist Nick Pisa has warned that missing teenager Jay Slater's disappearance "doesn't add up", as the search for the 19-year-old enters its ninth day.

Slater disappeared on the island of Tenerife last Monday after calling his friend, telling her he had missed the bus back to their accommodation and was going to attempt to walk the journey.

Spanish Police have meticulously been searching the mountainous area where his phone signal was last located, with no trace of Slater being found so far.

Slater's family have released a new CCTV image of him, reportedly captured nearly 10 hours after his last confirmed sighting.

Jay Slater and Spanish Police search

Jay Slater has been missing since last Monday after attending a music festival in Tenerife

Handout / Reuters / PA

Discussing the case on GB News, Global Reporter Nick Pisa said it is "difficult" to determine what may have happened to Slater as there is "no trace" of him in the areas the Guardia Civil have been searching.

Pisa explained: "Initially, we all thought perhaps he had maybe got lost up the mountain, but the fact that no one has seen him, there's been no trace of him on that mountain, and the police and the mountain rescue have gone through that ravine with a fine tooth comb.

"You have to begin to ask yourself, as the family are beginning to as well, has someone possibly taken him, because it all does sound very weird."

Recalling Slater's last known movements before he went missing, Pisa highlighted that after being told by a local when the next bus would come, he instead chose to walk in the "opposite direction" to where his accommodation was located.

Guardia Civil

The search for Jay Slater has entered its ninth day, with no trace of the missing teenager


Pisa told GB News: "He went to this Airbnb where these two British guys were, and he left that house and asked the lady next door who runs the bar how to get back to his hotel.


"That woman told me that although they couldn't understand themselves in language, she put her fingers up and showed 10, which he seemed to understand.

"Yet he then decides to walk north up the mountain, because the same woman sees him a few minutes later going up the road. Which obviously begs the question, why has he done that? It doesn't add up."

Noting Slater's condition, Pisa argued that the 19-year-old must have been "compos mentis" enough to walk half a mile up the road, instead of waiting for the next bus.

Pisa then added: "Yet his phone pings for the last time at this viewpoint. And they think he's headed towards the gorge, which just doesn't really add up, if you ask me."

Nick Pisa

Journalist Nick Pisa says Slater's disappearance 'doesn't add up'

GB News

Turning the discussion to Slater's family amid the growing conspiracy theories surrounding the case, Pisa assured that we "need to remember" there is a family "who are looking for their their son and their sibling" and have "no idea where he is".

Pisa stated: "Some of the theories that are going around are just absolutely incredible, and it's just adding to the heartache for Debbie, Jay's father and his brother as well.

"The police are keeping a very open mind. They're saying to me that they're not ruling anything out and they're not ruling anything in, and they're also not prepared to give a running commentary as well as to what they're doing."

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