Women can ‘melt away fine lines’ by following the ‘quickest' style hack says celebrity stylist

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Certain shades of clothing can add years to a person's face

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Published: 22/02/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 22/02/2024

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Certain hues have the power to highlight and lift the skin as it matures

Choosing clothes of the right colours may be the secret to a youthful appearance as the body ages.

While certain hues may reflect light onto the face, others may throw shadows onto the wrong areas, creating a harsh effect on the skin. The expert suggested staying away from black and white.

Miranda Holder, celebrity stylist and Feel Good Fashion Coach, confirmed that opting for the wrong shades will undermine a person's best efforts to look good.

According to the style expert, wearing the incorrect colours is a notorious faux pas that will add years to a person’s appearance.

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Flattering shades can melt away fine lines


Miranda told GB News: “As we get older, wearing the right colours becomes even more crucial to look our best and the transformative effects of wearing the right one (and sadly also the wrong ones) should not be underestimated.

“Finding the right hues to suit our skin tone can prove trickier as the colour of our hair and even our eyes can alter, throwing our appearance off balance and making our previously ‘go-to’ tones harder to wear.”

The colours to avoid

Steering clear of two colours will prevent highlighting any unflattering tones in the skin, pointed out Miranda.

“Black may be a popular choice for its association with luxury, not to mention its welcome slimming effects, but this particular shade remains the hardest to wear, even if you suit the winter colour palette to which this hue belongs,” she said.

“Similarly, white - also part of the winter palette - is notoriously harsh against most skin tones.”

To master the art of dressing one’s age, Miranda highly encourages investing in colour analysis.

The procedure aims to determine which season of shades is best suited to different skin tones, hair and eye colour.

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Colour analyses can prove a worthy investment


Your most flattering colours will be named after a season based on whether your features are best described as warm or cool.

“We may have got away with harsh unflattering shades in our glowing 20s, but with a few more years behind us, our complexions are significantly less forgiving,” Miranda explained.

“Put simply, wearing your best colours is the quickest beauty hack in the book, making your skin glow, bringing out your eyes and literally melting away fine lines, redness and dark circles.

“The bad news is that shades which don’t suit will have just as dramatic an effect - albeit for all the wrong reasons - so this is always the first place to start.”

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