The scenic UK town where Shakin' Stevens has lived for 20 years is a 'lovely place to be'

Shakin' Stevens Marlow

He has lived in Marlow for many years

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/11/2023

- 05:01

Shakin' Stevens' has lived in a scenic town for around 20 years

Shakin' Stevens', real name Michael Barrett, was born in Wales but it is a quiet part of England that he calls home.

The singer has lived in Marlow, Buckinghamshire for two decades.

Those who visit Marlow are spoilt for choice if they want to get out in nature.

Take a walk along the river Thames or enjoy a stroll through the historical streets of the Georgian market town.


It is a scenic town not far from London


Visit Thames said: "Marlow is without a doubt one of the loveliest locations on the River Thames, set amongst the rich meadows of the river valley and alongside the woodlands of the Chiltern Hills.

"Marlow has been named as the county's 'coolest' place to live in the UK by Naturecan - earning a place in the UK's top three in the process."

Shakin' Stevens has spoken about his time in the area and shared his love for it.

“[Marlow] is a lovely place to be in," explained the iconic singer, who is known for hits including 'Merry Christmas Everyone' and 'Give Me Your Heart Tonight'.

“You’re spoiled for shops, restaurants, and if you want go outside of Marlow [for shops and restaurants] you can, as it is all driving distance which is like five minutes away.

“It is a nice community, and we like it very, very much."

While Marlow is a quiet town, residents have easy access to London.

The capital city is around 34 miles away, or just under 1.5 hours in the car.

"It's a good place to live," Shakin' Stevens said to Bucks Free Press.


The town has lots of activities to do in nature


The performer is in good company as lots of famous faces have purchased properties on the outskirts of London.

Sir Michael Caine lived in a £3.5million home in a UK village with "stunning landscapes".

He lived in Surrey which is also not too far from London.

The Jam's Paul Weller also lives in Surrey and owned a home one mile from a "peaceful lake".

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