McDonald's unveils uplifting 2023 Christmas advert with nod to iconic British film

McDonald's unveils uplifting 2023 Christmas advert with nod to iconic British film

McDonalds Christmas advert

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 10/11/2023

- 09:20

Updated: 10/11/2023

- 16:24

McDonald's has released its 2023 Christmas advert

McDonald's is the latest brand to share its Christmas ad for this year.

It gives a nod to one of the most popular British Christmas films.

The advert looks at lots of typical Christmas scenes, such as an office Christmas party, watching a nativity play and even waiting for delayed trains.

While doing these tasks, people ask the question, "fancy a McDonald's?".

McDonald's Christmas advert

It shows classic scenarios that happen over the festive period


It is set to the iconic 80s ballad 'Jump' by Van Halen.

As the advert continues, it gives a nod to a scene in the popular Christmas film Love Actually.

It shows a man holding up signs that read 'fancy a McDonald's?'.

At the end, all groups in the advert have the same idea and head to the fast food chain to get a meal.

The advert will make its TV debut tomorrow where customers can watch the 90 second advert in full.

Other retailers have shared their Christmas adverts as the big day is just six weeks away.

John Lewis unveiled its advert yesterday which showed a young boy grow a Venus flytrap.

The advert received lots of praise as it was branded "lovely" and "hilarious".

However, others were not as sure and it received mixed reviews.

McDonald's Christmas advert

It gives a nod to the iconic film Love Actually


Morrisons shared its Christmas advert last week which was set to Starship's hit 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'.

It showed families preparing for Christmas dinner by chopping vegetables and preparing mince pies.

While this went on, oven mitts belted out the hit.

Shoppers were quick to share their appreciation for the advert.

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