M&S launches Extra Cream Custard Creams but some shoppers are convinced they 'look exactly the same' as the original - 'Is the extra cream in the room with us?'

M&S Extra Cream Custard Creams/M&S

M&S has caused controversy over its Extra Cream Custard Creams

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 19/03/2024

- 17:17

Updated: 26/03/2024

- 07:18

Marks and Spencer customers can snap these biscuits up in stores now

Marks and Spencer has relaunched Bourbon Cream Biscuits and Custard Creams, both with a twist.

The biscuit classics have been made with "extra cream", but not all shoppers are convinced there has been a change at all.

Newfoodsuk took to Facebook, stating: "Extra Cream Bourbon Creams and Extra Cream Custard Creams spotted at M&S!!!

"We just had to compare these to the original ones and the extra creams ones are deffo a lot thicker."

M&S Extra Cream Custard Creams

M&S Extra Cream Custard Creams have divided shoppers, with some saying it 'doesn't even look like there's extra cream in them'


The post has amassed over 1,000 likes and many M&S shoppers are excited to get their hands on the new and improved biscuits, however, plenty of shoppers are skeptical.

On Ocado, M&S Extra Cream Custard Creams (175g) are priced at 50p, while M&S Custard Creams (150g) are 30p.

One M&S shopper asked: "Is it my eyesight or do they look the same?" A second shopper replied: "It's not your eyesight, don't worry." Another agreed: "Me too, looks exactly the same size to me."

A fourth customer asked: "Is the extra cream in the room with us?" Another said: "Doesn't look that much different."

Another seconded this: "My exact thoughts. It doesn't even look like there's extra cream in them."

One shopper said: "Anybody wondering if these are just what they were like before shrinkflation happened?"

An M&S shopper was disappointed in the supermarket: "Look like the same biscuit to me. Quite disappointed on the very loose use of the word 'extra'. Poor show M&S, poor show."

This comes as McDonald's customers were divided over a controversial dessert item.

While some couldn't wait to try the new tasty treat, others were not convinced, with one customer branding it "absolutely vile".

Some M&S customers were less skeptical about the biscuits and were pleased to hear that they do contain extra cream.

One M&S fan said: "I've had the M&S ones, they definitely do have extra cream in them!"


M&S Extra Cream Bourbon Creams

Both biscuits are available at Ocado for 50p


Others were buzzing to try it. One said: "When you’re buying the bread, you can get these too!"

Another added: "I've always said they need to make double custard creams."

A third said: "Bought these yesterday for hubby and myself, can't wait to give them a go next week."

In other M&S news, Marks & Spencer has announced the return of an egg-themed dessert but opinions are mixed.

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