Drivers can save 'up to 70 per cent' on vital car repairs to get 'people back on the roads quicker'

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Drivers would be more willing to use recycled car parts

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 21/09/2023

- 10:56

A 'botched' car repair will hit drivers in the pocket, costing an average of £803

Drivers could save a staggering 70 per cent on the price of a recycled car part if they are repairing their vehicle as many admit to “botching” their maintenance jobs.

New data has found that almost three in five motorists would be likely to use a recycled car part if they needed to repair their car.

Almost 60 per cent of drivers said they would consider using a recycled car part because they are cheaper, while one-third would prioritise the environmental benefits.

This comes as almost half of motorists have admitted to “botching” a car repair or maintenance job, which has forced them to fork out over £800 to fix.

Checking a car

Motorists are becoming more environmentally conscious


Around 45 per cent of drivers have tried to maintain or repair their car and had it go wrong, with the average price to repair costing them a staggering £803.

This is despite around 50 per cent of drivers trying to repair their cars themselves to save money.

Laura Richards, eBay category lead for vehicle Parts and Accessories, commented on the latest data, saying motorists have the chance to save money with recycled parts.

She said: “Cost is the biggest motivator driving the adoption of recycled parts and eBay figures suggest motorists can save up to 70 per cent on new prices by opting to fit a Certified Recycled Part instead.

“According to the research findings, nearly one in six motorists don't know which parts can be safely recycled, but buying Certified Recycled removes any doubt.

“These parts are sourced from end-of-life vehicles only, are inspected and come with a warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.”

Recycled car parts are also more readily available with global issues still causing problems for new car parts to be delivered, with almost a quarter of drivers preferring to buy recycled parts online.

Hazel Johnson, personal motor and home claims director at Aviva, said people were choosing to make sustainable choices.

Around half of people said they would be more likely to use a recycled part compared to five years ago.

She said: “However, our research shows that some motorists still remain divided on whether they are safe to use. Rest assured, at Aviva, we only fit parts that aren’t ‘safety critical’ to your vehicle such as bumpers, trims, panels and door glass.

“In most instances, these parts will be either be a genuine part supplied by the original manufacturer or will be of similar technical standard, so are perfectly safe to fit.

“Using recycled parts has a range of benefits and primarily helps get people back on the roads quicker with more readily available parts.”


Checking a car

Around half of people said they would be more likely to use a recycled part compared to five years ago


Hazel Johnson also highlighted how it was a more sustainable and climate-ready option which reduces waste.

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