'I'm a nutritionist - a fat-burning food swap will help torch your middle-aged spread'

Weight loss

Incorporating Matcha into the diet could boost weight loss

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 16/02/2024

- 09:18

Cutting the wrong types of drinks from your diet could entail lasting results for your waistline

While calorie counting may feel like a productive approach to weight loss, it may not be the most sustainable.

Scientific circles deem the technique a short-term solution that directs many individuals towards rapid weight gain further down the line.

Rigorous exercise is another quick fix. But it will only offer lasting results when coupled with sustainable and waistline-friendly dietary changes.

In a conversation with GB News, BANT-registered nutritionist VJ Hamilton highlights simple food swaps that will make a noticeable difference over time.

person standing on scales

A sustainable approach to weight loss will offer lasting results


According to the expert, incorporating matcha and protein-rich foods into the diet is a surefire way to achieve a slimmer waistline.

She said: “Quick fat-burning food swaps include replacing grains with alternatives like cauliflower rice, opting for lean proteins like chicken or fish instead of red meat, and choosing healthy fats like avocadoes over processed foods.

“Incorporating more vegetables, low-calorie snacks and staying hydrated with water can also contribute to faster results in burning fat.”

It may surprise some to learn that hydration is another pivotal player in the body’s weight loss mechanisms.

Strenuous efforts in exercise and diet are often hampered by the intake of fruit juices packed with sugar and fructose.

“When aiming to lose weight, it’s advisable to avoid sugar drinks and processed foods between meals,” noted Hamilton.

“These often contribute to empty calories and can lead to increased calorie intake. Opt for water, herbal teas, or snacks with protein and fibre to help control hunger and support weight loss.”

Matcha tea, a speciality tea that originates from Japan, has gained significant traction for its fat-burning properties.

preparing ceremonial matcha

Potent antioxidants present in matcha can boost metabolism


“Incorporating matcha tea and protein-rich foods into your diet can support weight loss and reduce belly fat,” explained the nutritionist.

“Matcha is rich in antioxidants and may boost metabolism, while protein helps control appetite and promotes muscle growth, aiding in fat loss.

“Include lean proteins, vegetables and whole foods for a balanced approach to support a healthy weight."

It is worth noting that matcha is a caffeinated beverage, and may disrupt sleep if consumed too late in the day.

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