Driving licence changes could be 'an effective measure' to reduce accidents and restrict younger motorists

Driving licence changes could be 'an effective measure' to reduce accidents and restrict younger motorists

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 21/04/2024

- 10:00

'It is important we don’t just target young people for road safety'

The introduction of new driving licence changes could have major safety benefits for all road users as campaigners urge the Government to consider launching measures.

There have been calls from road safety experts and concerned drivers that licence changes are needed for people who have recently passed their test to ensure they are safe on the road.

Graduated driving licences would see certain restrictions placed on newly qualified motorists, with the intention of minimising potential hazards from their driving habits.

This could include preventing drivers from carrying passengers under the age of 25 for the first 12 months of being a licence holder, or even limiting hours when they can get behind the wheel.

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A driving licence

Road safety experts have supported the proposals


While some have praised the measures for allowing young drivers to get comfortable behind the wheel without many distractions, others have suggested that it could impact on their freedoms and hamper their employability.

John Kushnick, legal operations director at National Accident Helpline, highlighted how there are differing opinions on any potential changes, given the impact it would have on motorists.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “Introducing a graduated driving licence scheme could be an effective measure to address the high numbers of young people involved in accidents within two years of passing their driving tests.

"However, it is important to strike a balance with the crucial role driving plays in enabling young people to access employment and other opportunities."

A petition set up by Crystal Owen has called on the Government to implement changes to protect the lives of young drivers, with more than 22,000 signing the petition so far.

The Department for Transport responded to the petition saying that there were no current plans to change any driving licence rules, but it would continue to monitor data and consider further measures if they seem appropriate.

Kushnick added: "Advancements in technology can also provide innovative solutions to restrict speed and prevent accidents.

"It is important we don’t just target young people for road safety.

"Accidents can occur with any demographic, and it is vital for all drivers to exercise caution and remain vigilant on the roads."

The expert also urged motorists to also take matters into their own hands when driving to ensure they remain safe.

This can include taking regular breaks, especially when embarking on longer journeys, with service stations allowing motorists to get something to eat or drink while maintaining their focus.

Distractions, like loud music, should also be kept to a minimum so that drivers can concentrate on the road ahead of them.


Learner driver

Some have warned that changes could impact on young people's employability


The weather can also present unique problems for drivers, with heavy rainfall or intense heat potentially causing issues for drivers throughout the year.

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