The 'best way' to keep carpets clean and remove tough stains using a simple hack

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It is important to keep carpets clean

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 27/08/2023

- 02:01

Vacuuming regularly could be the secret to clean and fresh carpets

Carpets can often be the dirtiest part of a house as food and drink might be spilt and mud dragged in from outside.

To keep carpets as clean as possible and looking their best, they should be tended to regularly.

Speaking to GB News, brand and communications director at Tapi Johanna Constantinou spoke on the importance of vacuuming.

She said: "In terms of carpets, the best way to keep these clean is to vacuum regularly. How often you do it depends on how much you use each room in your home.

Carpet freshly vacuumed

An expert shared a guide to cleaning stains


"As a general rule of thumb, you should get your vacuum out at least once a week."

It is key to vacuum often, but homeowners should keep in mind the type of carpet they have when doing this.

Johanna continued: "If you have softer, fluffier carpets we’d recommend you vacuum twice a week to keep them looking their best. House dust can build up even in rooms you don’t use, so giving them a regular vacuum is important to keeping them clean.

"With carpet, it’s also worth bearing in mind the type of carpet you have.

"If you have a loop pile carpet, also known as a Berber carpet, use the suction only head on your vacuum, however, if you have cut pile, you’re best using a beater brush head on your vacuum."

If a carpet is stained, closer attention is needed. Johanna shared her step-by-step plan for getting rid of stains.

Johanna explained: "Removing stains again depends on the type of carpet you have, especially depending on the type of cleaning solution you’re going to use. The below steps should be followed to remove stains.

"Scoop or scrape up any solids from your spillage, ensuring that you’re working from the edges to the centre of the stain.

"Blot up the spill with a white towel or tissue paper, again working from the outside in.

Woman vacuuming carpet

Carpets should be vacuumed regularly


"Apply a carpet cleaner, just make sure it is suitable for your fibre type. Before you apply it, it’s worth testing it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.

"If you’re happy with your solution, then apply this to a white cloth and blot the area.

"Do not scrub and do not apply the carpet cleaner directly to the carpet. Repeat with clean water to remove any residue and repeat until the cleaning agent is remove.

"Dry the area with a white, clean cloth and then vacuum once dry."

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