How to clean your home using a toothbrush cleaning hack

Toothbrushes in bathroom

Homeowners can repurpose toothbrushes as cleaning tools

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/08/2023

- 00:01

Updated: 23/08/2023

- 13:04

Old household items can be repurposed as effective cleaning tools

Cleaning products can work wonders on the home but they are not always friendly on the purse.

Homeowners should hold onto their old toothbrushes and clothing to create a cheap cleaning tool, an expert has suggested.

Product development scientist at Astonish Olivia Young said there is money to be saved while targetting tough stains.

She said: "Keeping your home clean doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend loads of money on fancy equipment and tools.

Cleaning sick with cloth

Old textiles can be repurposed into cleaning cloths


"In fact, you’ve probably got various items lying around that you can make use of and repurpose to help you effectively cut down on cleaning expenses.

"The main one that you absolutely shouldn’t throw away is a toothbrush."

The small but tough bristles on the toothbrush can really spruce up hard-to-reach areas.

Olivia continued: "It might be far past its prime for cleaning your teeth, but it can serve you well around the home for months, especially as a cleaning tool for those smaller areas and stubborn stains.

"The reason it works so well is because of the thick bristles on the toothbrush that make a good ‘scrubber’.

"It will work a treat for cleaning grout between tiles in the bathroom, or the hobs in your kitchen."

A toothbrush can be used with cleaning products to get rid of mould, clean grout or freshen up the kitchen.

Another thrifty option includes using old textiles as cloths.


Toothbrushes in a pot

A toothbrush can clean lots of areas


The expert stated: "Other items you should consider repurposing are old clothing and linens.

"Give them a new lease of life by using them as a cleaning cloth.

"Simply cut up old and unused t-shirts, towels, or bed sheets to create durable and washable cleaning cloths.

"These DIY cloths can replace disposable paper towels and wipes, saving you money and also helping you do your bit for the planet."

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