Britons warned of 'underestimated' health risks as they are the worst sleepers in Europe

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Britons could be putting their health at risk with poor quality sleep

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 22/09/2023

- 10:43

People in the UK have the worst sleep quality in Europe

Getting a good night's sleep comes with a string of health benefits.

However, experts have warned this is something people in the UK struggle with more than others.

The 2023 STADA Health Report found sleep quality is generally on the rise in Europe, but those in the UK have fallen behind.

It showed the UK had a sleep quality rating of just 59 per cent.

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Sleep has lots of health benefits


The UK was also the lowest for mental health, as the study reported.

It said: "As with their mental health, people in the UK also report the lowest sleep quality.

"However, there is no immediate indication that poor mental health necessarily stipulates poor quality of sleep."

Busy lifestyles and commitments mean Britons will often burn the candle at both ends.

While many may not notice the effects of low quality sleep day to day, it could have wider health issues.

Experts who published the report shared a warning of the increased health risk of those who often miss a good night's sleep.

It continued: "Possible consequences of lack of sleep tend to be underestimated.

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Britons have the lowest quality sleep in Europe


"Some 46 per cent do not know that too little rest can cause increased levels of anxiety, lead to depression (46 per cent) or even elevate risks of cardiovascular disorder (78 per cent)."

The research showed the busy lifestyles of Britons are putting them at risk in more ways.

It suggested Britons put off health check ups which means they are living with potentially life-threatening health issues.

This comes as Britons were warned of "dangerous blind spot" with painkillers as a third rely on them weekly.

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