A symptom that can appear while talking to friends could indicate you are having a stroke - warning signs

Man confused having conversation

Difficulty understanding others is a lesser known symptom of stroke

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 11/09/2023

- 14:15

There are some lesser known symptoms of a stroke that are very important to be aware of

Becoming confused, slurring words and headaches could be less common symptom of a stroke.

Those who suspect they are having a stroke, or are around someone who is, should request an ambulance immediately.

Some lesser known symptoms of a stroke may present themselves when having a conversation with friends or family.

Those having a stroke may experience confusion and difficulty understanding what those around them are saying.

Confused man holding head

Confusion can be a sign of a stroke


In general, there are some quick ways to identify if someone is having a stroke, according to NHS.

The common symptoms can be remembered with the word - FAST (face, arms, speech, time).

The face, mouth or eyes may drop slightly or the person may not be able to smile.

The person may not be able to lift both arms, or they might feel weakness or numbness in the arm.

Their speech may slur or be garbled - if any of these are the case it is time to dial 999.

Confusion or difficulty understanding what others are saying can be a less common symptom of stroke.

There are some other less likely - but important - warning signs to look out for.

Difficulty swallowing or a sudden loss or blurring of vision can be an indicator.

Woman holding head headache

A sudden and extreme headache can be a warning sign


An extreme and sudden headache that comes with "blinding pain" is another symptom to look out for.

Those who have had a stroke before are also more likely to experience one again, so should be extra vigilant of the warning signs.

Research has shown that signs and symptoms of stroke come on suddenly as brain cells start to die within minutes.

They will often appear to come out of nowhere so those who are having a suspected stroke must act fast.

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