ITV CBB's Sharon Osbourne offers up brutal reasoning for Gary Goldsmith snub as he faces first eviction

ITV CBB's Sharon Osbourne offers up brutal reasoning for Gary Goldsmith snub as he faces first eviction

Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh give their first impressions

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 06/03/2024

- 22:42

Updated: 06/03/2024

- 22:42

Sharon Osbourne was forced to make an enemy during her second day in the house

Celebrity Big Brother star Sharon Osbourne made the decision to put Gary Goldsmith up for the first public vote on Friday – leaving him at risk of being evicted from the house.

After entering the house first, Osbourne was asked to put three celebrities in the danger zone only by using her first impression of her fellow housemates.

Tonight, after spending the first 48 hours with her co-stars, Osbourne was forced to make a decision as to who she wanted to be up for the first public vote.

In an interview-style conversation, Osbourne sat down with Goldsmith and asked: “Why did you accept the offer to come into the house?”

Princess Kate’s uncle explained: “It does bother me about what the public perception of me is. The ‘black sheep’ of the Royal Family.

“If I could show people that I’m not that person and I’ve really put myself out there, because this isn’t my world.

Gary Goldsmith

Gary will face the first public vote


“And ultimately, I’m not a celebrity. I don’t want to be a, you know, celebrity. I don’t want to go down that path.”

Unsure of his reply, Osbourne quipped back: “Why don’t I believe you when you say that?” to which he assured: “Honestly, I don’t crave all of that.

“I am insecure in this situation. This could f**k up massively for me. This is my little moment. What a load of fun and I would like to change the perception.”

After speaking to the three at risk, the rest of the housemates were gathered in the living room, before a video feed of Osbourne was shown of her making her decision.

Big Brother

Sharon explained that Gary was uncomfortable and insecure


She explained: “The housemate that I nominate is Gary,” leaving everyone to gasp in shock and left Goldsmith looking annoyed.

“I don’t think he is that comfortable, he is awkward with himself. Being here is too tough. He told me about certain things about his life today.

“He is brave to have come in here but I somehow don’t think this is the place for him. He is the oddball out form everybody in here.

“If I went into his world I would feel the same so he is just a little awkward and I think he is insecure too,” she explained.

During the Late and Live episode last night, host AJ Odudu was “shocked” to learn that Osbourne decided to choose Goldsmith.

Sharon Osbourne and Gary Goldsmith

Sharon put Gary up for eviction


Speaking to her panel about their thoughts, Yinka Bokinni noted: “Well yeah I can! But also I didn’t know who she was going to pick, we don’t know what has happened today!

“I didn’t know who she was going to pick. I’m glad it’s no ZeZe. I’m really glad it’s not ZeZe. Sorry, but yes, but no, I feel bad for him because he’d got a lot to prove. He’s more in danger now. He’s more in danger”

Odudu turned to Jordan North and asked if he thought Goldsmith would now act differently going forward, knowing he was at risk.

North agreed and explained: “Oh definitely! 100 per cent I have watched this show since I was a little boy, that’s what everyone does when they’re up for nomination.

“You have to be creepy-crawly and get in people’s ears and he’s going to try and win people round now.”

When asked if they thought Osborne felt guilty for putting Goldsmith up for nomination, Mabuse claimed that she wouldn’t have because she is “protective over the Royal Family.”

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