Rod Stewart blasted for wading into election row as singer claims Starmer 'deserves a chance'

Rod Stewart blasted for wading into election row as singer claims Starmer 'deserves a chance'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 12/02/2024

- 18:10

Updated: 13/02/2024

- 15:13

The singer previously defended the former Prime Minister but has now turned on him

Sir Rod Stewart has caused a stir on social media after hitting out at former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The popular singer, 79, labelled Johnson a “lying f*****g public schoolboy,” which has led many to call for him to stay out of political debates.

The singer-songwriter, who has spoken up in defence of Johnson only recently, argued Labour “deserves a crack” before hitting out at Johnson.

Speaking to The Times, he stated: “Keir Starmer and Labour deserve a crack at it. If there was anyone else we could vote for, maybe, but they should be given a shot.

“I live here [the UK] now. I didn’t used to. And I see what the Conservatives get up to. Well, I liked Boris Johnson.

“He was a good figurehead, but he turned out to be a lying f*****g public schoolboy. He got found out and things haven’t been much better since.”

Rod Stewart

Stewart labelled Johnson a 'lying f*****g public schoolboy'

Sky News

Continuing, he asked: “How many prime ministers have we had that haven’t been voted for? What’s all that about?”

A lot of readers weren’t pleased by Stewart’s remarks, and several took to X to request that famous people refrain from sharing their political views.

One penned: “I don't like Boris Johnson. I think he is a shallow phony politician and not a conservative.

“However, Rod Stewart, like the vast majority of entertainment people, believes he is on the right side of justice by supporting 'liberal, left, labour' ideology. Often they are wrong.”

Rod Stewart

Stewart argued Labour and Keir Starmer 'deserve a crack'


“How do people with hundreds of millions get behind a party that would tax more to give more yet they won’t part with their own hoards?! Voluntarily donate to Government schemes then we’ll take you seriously,” another fumed.

A third asked: “Why do celebrities do this? Stay neutral,” while someone else wrote: “I take it Rod Stewart's not making much money these days and wants to get popular by joining in with labour's Tory Smear Campaign? #Pathetic #OldFart.”

However, there were others that jumped to the Tonight’s The Night singer’s defence, agreeing with his opinions.

“Well said Rod, the same as we all think,” a sixth shared, with another adding: “Nice one Rod, 13 years of Tory rule, it’s time for change.” (sic)

Rod Stewart

Rod had previously said he's 'a fan' of Boris Johnson

Sky News

Just last year, Stewart claimed he was “still a fan” of disgraced Johnson following the Partygate scandal.

He told Sky News in June “I was and still am a bit of a fan of Boris because I think he’s got wonderful charisma.”

He went on: “But you know, you knew what you were getting with Boris, so it’s not unusual. He’s told a few porkies over the years. So I’m not surprised.”

GB News has contacted the Conservative Party for comment.

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