Nella Rose blasts 'bulls**t on social media' as she hits back at I'm A Celeb furore in new clip

Nella Rose blasts 'bulls**t on social media' as she hits back at I'm A Celeb furore in new clip

WATCH NOW: Nella Rose slams 'social media bulls**t' on Instagram return

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 07/12/2023

- 11:43

Updated: 07/12/2023

- 12:00

The I'm A Celebrity star has returned to social media

Nella Rose has responded to the backlash she received for her conduct in the I'm A Celebrity camp in a new video posted on Instagram.

Rose sparked controversy during her time on I'm A Celeb after locking horns with both Fred Siriex and Nigel Farage in heated debates.

She sparked a racism row for her comments to Farage when the two debated immigration and also irked a number of ITV viewers when she fell out with the GB News star following a cultural appropriation discussion.

Rose was also branded an "entitled snowflake" after she raged at Siriex for saying he was old enough to be her dad.

The YouTuber took offence to Siriex's remarks as she'd informed him before his comments that her father had died prior to her stint Down Under.

Rose returned to screens on Wednesday after initially snubbing a TV interview a day earlier and now she's made her social media comeback.

Nella Rose

Nella Rose was the second I'm A Celeb star eliminated


In a video shared to her Instagram stories, Rose revealed she'd reunited with her family after being booted from the jungle on Monday.

"I'm out, I'm in Australia, I'm with my family," an excited Rose said. "Just want to say thank you to everyone that has voted for me."

Addressing the social media furore, she continued: "Obviously bulls**t has gone on on social media but I just wanna say that I enjoyed my time in there, I faced my fears, I learned a lot about myself.

"S**t went down but it is what it is. I'm happy, you don't need to worry about me, I'm enjoying my time here in Australia and I'll see you soon."


Rose had spoken out about the backlash during her Wednesday interview with ITV in which she branded the row with Siriex a "big, fat misunderstanding".

She told Emma Willis and Rylan Clark when probed on whether she'd watched the clash back: "I haven't been able to watch anything back yet.

"But I know everything that's gone on, I know everything that's happened, and honestly... it was a big, fat misunderstanding.

"We've gone over it. Me and Fred are cool, everything is bless - I don't know why everyone is still crying about it. But I understand. It's TV, that's life."

Nella Rose

Nella Rose has hit out at the backlash surrounding her I'm A Celeb stint


Siriex also jumped to Rose's defence on Wednesday as he echoed her stance that the ordeal was a "misunderstanding".

He stated: "You're in the jungle, it's like a pressure cooker and that's just the way it is.

"What I will say is that I was very surprised by the hate for Nella when I came out, I think it's totally wrong, it's unfair, and not in my name."

Just six campmates remain in the jungle ahead of Thursday's elimination with Nigel Farage, Sam Thompson, Marvin Humes, Danielle Harold, Josie Gibson and Tony Bellew all hoping they can make it to Sunday's grand final.

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