Farage shares 'frustration' as he's ousted from I'm A Celeb trial: 'I want to pull my weight!'

Nigel Farage

Farage shares 'frustration' as he's ousted from I'm A Celeb trial: 'I want to pull my weight!'

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 06/12/2023

- 22:15

Updated: 07/12/2023

- 10:21

The GB News presenter expressed his disappointment as he says he is 'damaged'

Nigel Farage has expressed his “frustration” after he was not chosen to compete in the next I'm a Celeb trial.

The GB News presenter volunteered himself for the next trial, called Critter Mixer, however Nick Pickard, Marvin Humes and Tony Bellow were chosen instead.

When he learnt that he would not be participating, he exclaimed: “I’m astonished, but OK.”

Josie Gibson, reacting to Farage’s dismay, asked: “Did you really want to do it, Nige?”


Farage and Josie Gibson

Farage and Josie Gibson joined forces in Wednesday's episode


The former politician replied: “It’s done now, I was very happy to do it, but Tony, it’s fine. Tony is more physically capable than I am. That’s the point. I want to do it, but I don’t want to let the camp down.”

Later, confiding his disappointment in the Bush Telegraph, Farage said that he was “frustrated” that his plane injuries were limiting him in challenges.

He said: “I want to pull my weight, I want to do my bit, but I was kind of talked out of it by the team. What frustrates me here is that I realise that I am damaged - mostly as a result of the plane crash - and that leaves me in a weaker position in some things to the other campmates and that’s just the way it is. But I try and make up for it in every other way that I can.”

In 2010, as part of a campaign stunt for UKIP, Farage boarded a two-seater aircraft while a banner with the words "Vote UKIP" etched on was tied behind it.


Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage struggled for air in one of his previous trial


However, the UKIP plane crashed, and Farage was left with injuries that have hindered him from performing certain Bushtucker trials.

Farage has made no secret of the fact he wants to experience as much airtime as possible and even grew irked that he wasn't voted by the public to take on the trials as it gives celebs “25 per cent more” time on-screen.

Viewers have even complained that Farage has not been receiving much airtime in recent episodes.

This prompted ITV to issue a response, telling GB News: “We are a 60-75 minute Entertainment show and the content featured is a fair and accurate representation of life in camp.”

An ITV source went one step further to claim that the limiting of Farage's airtime was complete “nonsense”.

A source told the Mirror: “This is nonsense. Even if he has mentioned Trump, we can't feature every single camp conversation – there's just not enough screen hours in the day.

“We're an entertainment show, we can't show everything, it's that simple.”

Farage most recently participated in last Friday’s Bushtucker trial, alongside Pickard, Nella Rose, Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew.

Nigel FarageNigel Farage joked about what the British public think of the GB News presenter following an I'm a Celeb trial where viewers chose the critters for each celebrityITV

The five stars were confined to separate chambers, each filled with a creature chosen by the public.

Explaining the game, Dec said: “This is the Grim Gutter. You will all be strapped down inside this giant drain and within each section there are two stars that need to be unlocked.

“Now, the keys to those locks are in bunches on the rotating line above you. You need to remove the keys from the line and try them on your locks.”

Ant continued: “However, only one key from each set of six will work on one of your locks. If a set of keys doesn’t work on either of your locks, you need to reattach it to the wire and send it round to someone else, as it may well work on theirs.”

Dec added: “Before we start, let’s find out what the public have voted for to join you in there. Tony, you will be joined by snakes.

“Nigel, you will be joined by rats.”

Farage poked fun at his choice of critter, saying: “It’s nice to know what the British public think of me”.

The GB News presenter was unfortunately unsuccessful in gaining any stars for camp, whilst Pickard, Humes and Bellew each managed to secure two, earning six meals for the camp.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Thursday at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX

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